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Anna Chlumsky & Richard Thomas Will Join You Can’t Take It With You on B’way

first_imgCan you make dinner for two more?! Veep star Anna Chlumsky and Emmy winner Richard Thomas will step into the Broadway revival of George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart’s You Can’t Take It With You. Chlumsky will take over as Alice, replacing Rose Byrne, and Thomas will step in as Paul, currently played by Mark Linn-Baker, when they depart the production on January 4, 2015. Both Chlumsky and Thomas will board the cast at the Longacre Theatre on January 6, 2015. View Comments Chlumsky received Emmy nominations in 2013 and 2014 for her performance as Amy in the HBO series Veep. Her additional screen credits include Hannibal, My Girl and In the Loop. She has appeared off-Broadway in Love, Loss and What I Wore and Unconditional. An Emmy winner for The Waltons, Thomas returns to Broadway after numerous credits including An Enemy of the People, Race, A Naked Girl on the Appian Way and Democracy. Directed by Scott Ellis, the Pulitzer Prize-winning You Can’t Take It With You centers on the freethinking Sycamore family and the mayhem that ensues when their daughter’s fiancé brings his conservative, straight-laced parents to dinner on the wrong night. Chlumsky and Thomas will join a cast that includes James Earl Jones, Elizabeth Ashley, Annaleigh Ashford, Kristine Nielsen and Byron Jennings. The play will run on extension through February 22. You Can’t Take It With You Related Shows Show Closed This production ended its run on Feb. 22, 2015last_img read more

TBT: Gravel Grinders are Absolutely About the Bike

first_imgThere are a hundred of us in a makeshift parking lot on the edge of Pisgah National Forest, and we’re all freaking out about our tire pressure. We’re about to ride the Pisgah Monster Cross, a massive 70-mile loop of gravel and paved roads, and all anyone can talk about is psi. 38? 50? One guy says he’s going to run his tire pressure high for the first half of the race, then lower it when we hit the longest stretch of gravel. Then he changes his mind, cursing the sky above. Apparently, running the right tire pressure is life or death when your up against a gravel grinder.This is only the second year for the Monster Cross, so nobody’s really sure what gear to run. For most of us in the parking lot, it’s our first foray into gravel road racing, a relatively new category of bike race that has cyclists riding ultra distances over a mix of paved roads and washed-out gravel forest roads. It’s not road biking and it’s not mountain biking and it’s not quite cross biking. It’s something else altogether and nobody really knows what bike works the best. Scan the parking lot and you see some 29er mountain bikes, some road bikes with fat slick tires, and a bunch of cross bikes. Then you have the weird Frankenstein bikes—custom-built hybrids, like the one a British guy who’s parked next to me is riding. It’s a mountain bike with drop bars and cross tires. It’s weird. The dude keeps looking over my bike (a full-suspension mountain bike with 26 inch wheels) and saying, “I think you’ll be fine,” over and over. But the way he says it makes me think I won’t be fine.Picture an epic mountain bike ride: huge gravel road climbs, maybe some paved road connectors, all followed by swoopy, technical singletrack. Now take away the singletrack, and you’ve got a “gravel grinder.” The question on my mind is, where’s the joy in that?I ask everyone I make eye contact with that exact question as we line up for the start, and nobody gives me a straight answer. Most just offer advice, like “pace yourself.”I’m okay with suffering if there’s a carrot on the end of the stick. But suffering just to suffer isn’t my bag.“I started riding these kinds of loops because I was gun shy to get back on my mountain bike after a big accident,” says race director Eric Wever. “Road biking is boring, so I started mixing in gravel roads. It was so much fun but nobody believed me. I couldn’t get anyone to ride with me. So I decided to put on a race.”I pedal through my concerns after we hit the first stretch of gravel, which rolls beside the upper Davidson River, a gin-clear trout stream with endless swimming hole potential. I blow by some cross bikes on a sketchy downhill (thanks super fat mountain bike tires!) and watch as one of the safety volunteers takes a gravel turn too fast on a motorcycle, laying the steel beast down in a semi-controlled slide. Therein lies the secret joy of riding gravel. These forgotten roads pass through some of the prettiest corners of the Southern Appalachians. And they’re fun, in a sketchy, kind-of-out-of-control sort of way.“When you’re riding a road bike on a forest road and you hit gravel corduroy, it’s as exciting as mountain biking,” Wever says. “Throwing in gear that is marginally appropriate adds a lot of challenge.”On the first big climb of the race, a monstrous slog up Highway 215, I decide that I’m legitimately having fun. The sun is out, it’s barely 62 degrees, and I’m hammering up the hill, standing on my pedals and chatting up every other racer I come across. By the time we hit the postcard-worthy views of the Blue Ridge Parkway, I’m beside myself with joy. I scarf down tiny triangles of peanut butter and jelly at each rest stop and curse myself for not sending a cooler of beer ahead. A rough 70 miles later, after big gravel climbs on forest roads and bigger gravel descents, my legs are cramping so intensely, I can see the knots in my muscles. A handful of cyclocross barriers are set up just before the finish line. Most bikers leap over them, but I’m stiff and saddle sore, so I take the barriers slowly, barely able to straighten my legs. But I’m smiling, the way people tend to smile after a big day on the bike.Three Keys for Gravel Grinder Success1. It really is about the bike. No one bike is perfect, which is part of the joy of gravel grinders. If you’re worried about comfort over the long miles, go with a mountain bike. If you’re looking to compete, the cross bike is the weapon for you.2. Pace yourself. Gravel grinders are ultra distance races, and you don’t get the natural “breaks” of mountain bike races. You’re pedaling even on the downhill. If you go too hard out of the gate, you’ll regret it later in the day.3. Eat. Eat. Then eat some more. During the last half of the race, I was eating constantly to keep my legs from cramping. If you’re not used to ultra distances, pay special attention to your nutrition.Six Must Do Gravel GrindersPisgah Monster Cross 70 miles, half road, half gravel, with arguably the prettiest stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway. September, Brevard. pisgahproductions.comThree Peaks USAIt’s 55 miles with 8,000 feet of elevation gain, and billed as America’s hardest cyclocross race. September, Beech Mountain, N.C. threepeaksusa.com Southern Cross50 miles of gravel through North Georgia’s woods, but it begins and ends at a winery, so you got that going for you. February, Dahlonega, Ga. 55nine.com Hilly Billy RoubaixWest Virginia’s best dirt, gravel, and “paved” roads all in one 70-mile race. Category winners take home a piece of coal. June. abraracing.com Iron CrossThis was the first ultra cross race in the U.S. It’s 62 miles through the hills of Pennsylvania. September. ironcrossrace.blogspot.com Devil’s Backbone Mountain CrossYou’ve got a 35- or 75-mile option, and both end at the brewery, so everyone’s a winner. March and August. dbbrewingcompany.comlast_img read more

Food Bank of the Southern Tier welcomes back volunteers for first time since March

first_img“We’ve seen some familiar faces return, and we’ve seen some new faces join us, which has been a wonderful experience to have them back,” said Strawser. Staff say they’ve seen an uptick in all six counties they serve. Although the warehouse was closed, there was still a community need to be filled. “Whether there’s three or four people here to help or if there are a dozen people here to help, the amount of work that gets done is just amazing,” said Todd. “When it first started, we started to see an increase of need in the Southern Tier that we serve and in hearing from our agency partners, being meal sites and food pantries, they were seeing about a 50 percent increase in need from people in their communities,” said Community Engagement Manager Katherine Strawser. Debbie Todd was volunteering on the day back in March when she heard the facility was closing to volunteers. Volunteers say they’re happy to be able to continue to help their community, but in a larger capacity. “Volunteers are a huge part of the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. We rely on volunteers on a daily basis,” said Strawser. And the Food Bank of the Southern Tier is just as grateful.center_img Now, months later, the Food Bank is welcoming volunteers back inside its facility. While the demand was increasing, the organization had to cut back on its volunteers for safety reasons. (WBNG) — Since the pandemic came to our area, the Food Bank of the Southern Tier has seen more of a need for its services. For more information on how to volunteer at the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, click here. “We’ve been using volunteers offsite at those community food distributions to help support getting food out to our neighbors who are coming to those community food distributions,” said Strawser. “It was just, it was surreal, as of course so much would be with the closures all across society,” she said. “It’s really important to come together as a community to support each other in times like these,” said Strawser.last_img read more

Pakistan confirms first two cases of coronavirus

first_imgPakistan has detected its first two cases of novel coronavirus, a public health advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted Wednesday, days after Islamabad closed its land border with Iran, where 19 people have died from the virus.”I can confirm first two cases of corona virus in Pakistan. Both cases are being taken care of according to clinical standard protocols & both of them are stable. No need to panic, things are under control”, tweeted health advisor Zafar Mirza.A statement issued by the southern Sindh province’s health department stated that the first positive case was reported in Karachi in a 22-year-old male with a “history of travel to Iran where he has acquired the virus.” Topics : The officials didn’t confirm where the second case was reported. However, local media said it was in Islamabad.With porous borders, creaking hospitals and large illiterate populations, Pakistan faces a potentially devastating health crisis from the new coronavirus.The virus has spread to more than 30 countries, killing over 2,700 and infecting 80,000, mostly in China. But new outbreaks in Europe, the Middle East and in Asia have fanned fears of the contagion taking hold in poor nations which lack the healthcare infrastructure to cope.There are growing fears in Pakistan over how the country would deal with the outbreak. Islamabad has a history of failing to contain infectious diseases such as polio, tuberculosis and hepatitis.center_img Meanwhile Pakistan’s neighbor Iran has emerged as a major hotspot, with a total of 139 cases and 19 deaths. And Afghanistan, which also shares a border with Pakistan, reported its first case of coronavirus on Monday.While Pakistan has closed land borders with Iran, it has maintained air travel to and from China — increasingly a source of trade and commerce for the country.”There is a limited concept of prevention unfortunately. I fear it’s not well prepared at all for any health emergency,” Pakistani public health expert Arshad Altaf told AFP.Pakistan this week moved quickly to quarantine at least 270 people near the Iranian border after a group of pilgrims returned and briefly mixed with other residents.Ziaullah Langove, home minister in southwestern Balochistan province, said there were nearly 10,000 Pakistanis still in Iran, mostly students and pilgrims that Iranian officials were planning to send back in small groups.last_img read more

On May Day, workers marches go online to avoid coronavirus risk

first_imgThe workers also demand better protections for workers on the front line in the battle against COVID-19, especially essential workers at hospitals.Workers take part in a protest on May Day, or International Workers’ Day, in Tangerang, Banten on May 1 to call on lawmakers to drop omnibus law discussions and focus on handling the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. (AFP/Fajrin Raharjo)A coalition of three major labor unions in the country calling itself the Indonesian Labor Workers Assembly (MPBI), which previously planned to hold the rally on the streets, on Friday distributed protective equipment and hand sanitizer to hospitals in Greater Jakarta and other regions across the country.”We pitched in our money for them, the frontliners working in the hospital,” said Prihanani, deputy chairwoman of the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPI) and a MPBI member. Other labor groups under the Labor with the People Movement (Gebrak), which includes various organizations such as farmers and media workers, voiced their demands via YouTube broadcast.To fuel the digital rally, the workers from Gebrak also called on fellow workers to send texts to the leaders of the House of Representatives Legislation Body (Baleg) containing messages against the controversial bill, also known as the omnibus bill.A similar initiative was carried out in early April following a closed-door meeting held by lawmakers to discuss the bill, causing some politicians’ cell phones to stop working.
Baleg chairman Willy Aditya of the NasDem Party told the Post that he had received thousands of texts from the workers since Friday morning. “I’ve received WhatsApp messages and missed calls.”The NasDem Party and the ruling Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) pushed the government to drop labor provisions from the omnibus bill on job creation following growing public opposition.The workers later agreed to cancel the street protests after President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo announced last Friday that the government had reached a deal with the House to delay deliberation of the labor provisions within the bill.In Medan, North Sumatra several workers celebrated May Day by holding a “social distancing rally” to the province’s Legislative Council building, guarded by the police. The protesters maintained their distance and wore masks during the 30-minute rally.Rallies involving a small number of people also took place in several factories in some regions across the country. Many Indonesian workers went online to celebrate Labor Day, also known as or May Day, on Friday to avoid spreading and contracting the coronavirus, reiterating their rejection of the job creation bill and demanding protection during the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.Since Friday morning, hashtags to commemorate the day, created by workers and unions, have taken up the Twitter world: #TolakOmnibusLaw (RejectOmnibusBill), demanding an end to the deliberation of the omnibus bill on job creation and #BacotanBuruh (WorkersSpeak), which voices the need for labor rights, job protection amid the COVID-19 pandemics.Workers also participated in the #TuntutanChallenge (DemandsChallenge), which adopts the new TikTok trend known as the “pass the brush challenge.” Instead of “passing” the brush, the workers pass banners bearing their demands to the government and the employers, such as to stop massive layoffs, and to pay full Idul Fitri holiday bonuses (THR) and wages.The latest Manpower Ministry data show that more than 1.9 million workers in both the formal and informal sectors had either been furloughed or laid off as of April 19, as companies temporarily halt operations to comply with large-scale social restrictions (PSBB).center_img In Central Java, hundreds of workers worked with the government to distribute staple food packages to laid-off and furloughed workers on Friday.Said Iqbal, president of the KSPI demanded the government require public audits of companies that claimed losses. He believed not all sectors had been equally hit by the pandemic.“We want public audits for companies that claim losses. For those that survive, we demand they pay full THR and wages so that their purchasing power can be maintained and the economy can grow positively,” he said on Friday.”And the most important thing is to stop the pandemic so the economy can actively move.”Iqbal said the MPBI leaders had also asked the government to issue a presidential decree to allow trade unions to join the drafting team of the omnibus bill so that it could accommodate the public’s interests.Suherdjoko in Semarang and Apriadi Gunawan in Medan contributed to this story.Topics :last_img read more

Gold Coast home charms house hunters with its character

first_imgA Mickey Mouse-shaped cutout in the media room ceiling was inspired by a trip to Disneyland. The owners built the house with American home designs in mind.More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa12 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days agoOwners Sarah and Ashley Gale built the five-bedroom residence, where they lived for four-and-a-half years.Ms Gale said after travelling to the US many times, they fell in love with the country’s home designs.“We like that American style,” she said.“The house has a really nice feel to it, it’s a warm house.“It makes us sad to leave because it’s got so many memories.” MORE NEWS: Cashed-up buyers go on spending spree The circular staircase is a standout feature. MORE NEWS: When it comes to loos, it’s a game of thronescenter_img The Cape Cod-style home at 5010 Emerald Island Drive, Carrara has some cool characteristics.LOOKING for a home with character?This Cape Cod-style house at Carrara’s Emerald Lakes won’t disappoint.From its curved staircase and arched windows to the Mickey Mouse-shaped cutout in the media room ceiling and detailed wallpaper, there are plenty of features that differentiate the property from others on the Coast. It has a built in pizza oven and barbecue outside.Ms Gale’s favourite feature of the house is the Mickey Mouse face on the media room ceiling, which was inspired by a trip to Disneyland.“It’s one of the coolest features in the house, the kids love it,” she said.A study with built-in shelving, waterfront pool, children’s playground and patio with a barbecue and pizza oven are among its standout features.The property will go to auction on April 27 at 1pm.last_img read more

Century-old Ascot mansion sells for first time in nearly 50 years

first_imgThis property at 4 Sutherland Ave, Ascot, has sold for $3.1m. Picture: Realestate.com.auA CENTURY-OLD Ascot mansion that has been in the same family for nearly 50 years has sold for $3.2 million — nearly 70 times what they paid for it. Named ‘Rooklyn’, the owners of the home at 4 Sutherland Avenue have finally sold the stately residence in one of the suburb’s most prestigious streets after paying just $46,000 for it in 1972. Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayNext playlist itemMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 2:21Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -2:21 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedQuality Levels720p720pHD540p540p360p360p270p270pAutoA, selectedAudio Tracken (Main), selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xFullscreenImagine spending a weekend in this dream home!02:22 Inside the century-old mansion at 4 Sutherland Ave, Ascot. The entrance to the house at 4 Sutherland Ave, Ascot, which has sold for $3.2m.The property has been on the market for the past three-and-a-half years and was last listed with a $3.5 million price guide. RELATED: Hot property changes hands again within a year How you can live like a millionaire for $20k One of the bathrooms in the home in original condition. The home contains traditional features from its era.The home has five bedrooms and three bathrooms, with the ground floor able to be used as a guest’s retreat, with one bedroom and bathroom.Traditional features include period shutters, French doors, polished timber floors, bay windows, decorative cornicing, fireplaces and chandeliers. One of the home’s five bedrooms.Mr Keenan said he had been in negotiations with three potential buyers for months and one of them was the lucky purchaser.He said they were a family moving from Rockhampton to Brisbane, who planned to renovate the home.“The Sutherland Avenue address is a big drawcard for people because it’s one of the most expensive streets in Brisbane,” he said.Mr Keenan said the current owners had raised their four children in the home and were now going to downsize within the area. The sitting room in the house at 4 Sutherland Ave, Ascot.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus12 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market12 hours agoSelling agent Vaughan Keenan of Grace and Keenan said the beauty of the home was that it had never been “bastardised”.“It’s one of those rare houses where all the original features are still intact,” Mr Keenan said.“One of the bathrooms still has the original terrazzo floor.”center_img Inside the house at 4 Sutherland Ave, Ascot, which has sold for $3.2m.A metallic spiral staircase linking the two levels of the home is a standout feature.A Tuscan-inspired patio with an exposed beam ceiling and vine covered walls is the perfect outdoor entertaining area.Mr Keenan also recently sold a property at 75 Charlton Street in Ascot for $2.81 million.Ascot has a median house price of $1.5 million, according to CoreLogic. The ultimate dream home of 2019 The formal dining room. Built in 1914, the home on a 943 sqm corner block in the tree-lined avenues of Ascot, is filled with traditional character features. The home has a Tuscan-inspired patio with vine covered walls. This house at 4 Sutherland Ave, Ascot, has sold for $3.2m.last_img read more

Ighalo explains Anthony Martial’s impact at Man Utd

first_img Martial was named as one of the two players Ighalo has been most impressed by since his January loan arrival from Shanghai Shenhua, with fellow new signing Bruno Fernandes the other. The Frenchman has often faced criticism at United over his performances, but Ighalo is in no doubt over his value to the club. “Anthony, since I came, he’s been scoring goals and doing so well, fighting a lot. He is a great player, he has great technique,” said Ighalo during a video chat with the United official website.Advertisement Harry Kane ‘names preferred transfer destination’ amid Man Utd and Real Madrid interest “He can do anything with the ball and he’s been doing fantastically well. I just hope he keeps going and scoring more goals and we end the season very well. “Watching it from outside it’s different. You only watch games every weekend and see how skilful he is. read also:Man Utd hero ‘really pleased’ with Ighalo “But I train with this guy every day, you understand? Every blessed day I train with him, and it’s incredible what he does in training, do you understand? He does it so easy, you know? FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted ContentBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made6 Unforgettable Shows From The 90s That Need To Make A Comeback9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A TattooThe Best Cars Of All TimeWhat Happens When You Eat Eggs Every Single Day?10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do7 Non-Obvious Things That Damage Your Phone7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The Universe2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearThe Highest Paid Football Players In The World6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A DroneTop 10 Most Romantic Nations In The World Loading… Odion Ighalo has hailed the quality of his teammate Anthony Martial in Manchester United’s training sessions, adding that he can often make difficult things look easy.last_img read more

Cricket News Virat Kohli engineered Anil Kumble’s exit, according to leaked emails

first_imgNew Delhi: Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket team skipper apparently engineered former coach Anil Kumble’s exit from the team following the end of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 tournament. According to a recently leaked email accessed by Agence France-Presse (AFP), a senior BCCI official wrote to Vinod Rai, the Committee of Administrators head that Kohli “frequently sent SMSs to the CEO (Rahul Johir) on which you acted and there was a change in the coach”. Diana Edulji, one of the members of the CoA, also added her inputs in the mail stating, “Mr Kumble a legend in his own right was subjected to loss of face and made to look like a villain. He was gracious enough to move on for which I respect him. There also, rules were broken and I had raised objections back then.”The leaked email saga has added a new twist to the Virat Kohli-Anil Kumble feud. Kumble had helped India reclaim the No.1 ranking in Tests and propelled India to the final of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. However, following their loss to Pakistan in the final, Kumble quit over a rift with, saying his relationship with the skipper was “untenable”. The Board of Control for Cricket in India had denied any division in the Indian camp.Read More | Ganguly says this ‘very, very special’ knock saved his captaincyKumble’s replacement was Ravi Shastri. The former India batsman was always the frontrunner for the job, with many experts pointing to his time as India’s team director from 2014-16 and the warm relationship he shared with Kohli.Read More | Australia aim to ‘bounce’ back in Perth against confident IndiaKohli, who is currently leading the Indian cricket team in the series against Australia, has so far not commented on this issue. The Indian cricket team is leading the four-match series against Australia 1-0 thanks to their 31-run win in the Adelaide Test and they have a chance to retain the Border-Gavaskar Trophy with a win in Perth. For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

Akinfenwa: Squash Gives Me a Kick

first_imgFor 11 unbroken years, Shina Akinfenwa’s Cargolux Merchant Express Ltd has bankrolled a national squash tournament among all recreational clubs in Nigeria and has now included under aged male and female categories to deepen interest in the sport among younger folks. In this chat, the retired airline pilot reminisces on the growth of the tournament from a three-club affair to its present 16-club format and as well his aspirations for it to become a hunting ground for future starsFor the purpose of the records, let’s get to know you.My name is Shina Akinfenwa. I’m an airline pilot, a retired airline pilot, now managing director of Cargolux Merchant Express Ltd. I’m just one simple guy taking life easy. I have a passion for squash and for my friends.What has been the motivation behind sponsoring the annual Cargolux Merchant Express Squash Tournament?The main motivation is to give back to the society, to help and encourage young players to play squash. As a recreation, I have found a lot of reward playing the sport for upwards of three decades now and still playing very actively. And I am very fit. And that is the message. For folks to see active, regular engagement in squash as something to embrace in order to keep fit and healthy even as we grow old. And for the young ones to imbibe the habit, we have since included the U-15 and U-19 boys and girls categories. Last year, no less than 150 of them converged on the Lagos Country Club, Ikeja for five days playing squash. That is what we want and are ever happy to do. So, it’s more to do with giving back to the society, and encouraging the game of squash.And for the 11th year running?And why not? When you find joy in doing something, you just find yourself continuing like forever. Sponsoring this Tournament has been one worthy venture we at Cargolux continue to thank our stars. When we started 11 years ago, truly we didn’t know we would be here today as sponsors of clearly the most popular and prestigious squash Tournament in the land and our company is proud its name is associated with it.Why squash, to start with?Squash, is easily the most exciting sporting activity you can have. All the others are very dull.I’m sure there are people who may not agree with that assertion.Well… That is my personal opinion borne from my experience playing the game for such a long time.After 10 years of organising this tournament, what has been the challenges and the impact as well?The organisers are usually the squash section of the Lagos Country Club headed by the chairman.They are the organisers, we are just sponsors. I cannot say much about the challenges because even if there were challenges, they did not make them known to me, which means that whatever challenges may have come up, were attended to professionally but over the years, I found the organisers have made a lot of improvements evidenced by the massive enhancements in the Tournament’s equity that we have witnessed over the years. And this has rubbed off well on our company’s image as well.In terms of acceptance, how has the annual Cargolux Merchant Express Squash tournament helped to make the sport more widely known amongst Nigerians?It is obvious. When we started 11 years ago, we had only three clubs participating, now we have between13 and sometime in the past up to16 clubs. We have introduced the U-16 and U-19, the professional league, the classic and so many others. Right now, all squash players in the country attend the Cargolux Merchant Express Squash tournament.This is the 11th edition. It’s been a very long road and there are other sports out there that will look at the tournament and admire it while wondering how you’ve managed to sustain the tempo considering it’s not a sport like football. With this in mind, would there be any new features this year?Like I told you, we are introducing the junior players, the U-16 and U-19, the classic which is the professionals, apart from the regular players. So it’s actually expanding. In Nigeria today, the junior players of about 10 years ago have advanced to become professional players today. With this kind of encouragement and exposure that we are giving them, they are being ranked globally in the Professional Squash Association (PSA) League, and some of them are now recognized globally. We are actually making progress.Squash is competing with other more popular sports now. What will you say to those who have picked interest in it, and those who don’t know what it’s all about? What advice will you give them?I will encourage them to come around. There were 5, 6 year olds who played in our U-9 category here about three years ago. We had a squash clinic here. They came and were introduced and they have evolved. We run an open house here Monday to Saturday. They can come around. Even parents who have children who are interested can bring them around. We encourage them. I encourage my kids to play.Is there hope for people who didn’t start the game early, people in their thirties and forties?Yes there is. Anyone can play, but will be broken in gradually. Anyone can play, so long as you are physically fit and don’t have a medical encumbrance.Any plans to take this competition international, and invite foreign squash players to compete?We tried that in the past. At this point, we do not want to compete with NSRA. We are just doing our own thing. This is not a government thing, it’s purely a private initiative. If we want to invite foreign players, then we will have to go through the NSRA, unless of course the players are coming on their own privately. But at this moment, we want to consolidate on our games internally. Like they say, charity begins at home. What’s your final word as the 11th edition of this Tournament serves off?My final word is it’s an open house and everybody is welcome to enjoy good squash for one week. It’s going to be a jamboree.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more