The relationship between websites and electronic journals


said about websites and electronic magazines, and many friends might wonder how the site might be linked to an electronic magazine. But in fact, this is the case, we should firmly believe that such a view, the world mountain only we can not imagine, we can not do without, not trying, how will it feel useful?


many of my friends think of website marketing, the most popular is the use of SEO and blogs, forums and the free way, of course, as a personal webmaster we cannot use the PPC and the portal challenge, we do not have the strength, if any, so now I have here to teach you my point of view. read more

Site on-line 10 days, Googlepr value rose to 4 experience


had several websites, strictly speaking, should be regarded as garbage station, although do some optimization, there are thousands of traffic, but to keep the user, end the year back, always wanted to do a meaningful site, then lock the maternal industry, registered a domain name is after buying, space, No. 21 website online, the simple add a few days, the evening included Baidu, but only included the home page, two days after the Google included, now has a collection of 386, Sogou rating of 10 points, in March 1st, the Google PR value rose 4. read more

My view on the security of websites


yesterday, my friend was linked to horse. He’s a virtual host, causing Google to prompt for malware. IP plummet.

so with the following,

‘s security tip for the webmaster is

1, the default database address must be modified. Finally, with #, because when IIS resolution will desorb into 20%, thunder and other software is not to search.

2. Because most of the webmaster is the local debugging, just upload to space, must delete readme.txt and other documents, to prevent sensitive information leakage. read more

Web Design the expression of status and action in user interface design


one, questions raise thinking,


discussed a small demand with his colleagues a while ago, he encountered a contradiction between buttons indicating "actions" and "status". Think of this problem, many years ago has begun to discuss, so here to sort out ideas, and share with you.


case is this: as shown above, the search function in the custom "enabled" and "stop" button, the end is that the "state" or "action"? Simply, above 1 indicates that the current is disabled, or click to stop the operation said the answer? It is not clear. read more

The establishment method of the economic crisis of the webmaster teach you the most money


from the beginning of last year, the economic crisis will lie deep down, so do anything at the moment to fine management, especially the webmaster friends, as a female webmaster, may be more aware of how to start from the minor places, suggest finer station program


1: space domain name: only choose the right, do not choose expensive!


first of all, from the choice of the domain name, we all know that.Com is the best, accord with the Internet habits of memory, the search engine is love, but for a webmaster,.Cn cheap for us more attractive, because even if the domain name is not the most important. It’s like you’re going to the global beauty pageant, the clothes look great, and you can’t get the beauty championship, the key is you have to have it, read more

Organ Wolf misappropriation of original articles, so rampant, Adsense continue to original


first of all, what is the original article stolen? Organ wolf will be stolen original article is divided into two kinds:

is the first type of "text thief": reproduced in the original article, only the original author to leave the URL deleted.

second, is the "Wu steal": reproduced in the original article, not only the original author’s website will also delete the original author, keywords name, soft in all replaced with their names, keywords, web site, and even do a certain degree of pseudo original, made with really like. read more

Case how do you get millions of readers to read simplified books



Jane started the book early on, the position was very clear, and Mr. Zhang, founder of Jane’s book, said he liked writing and was a platform dedicated to creativity. Jane is a quality creative community. Here, you can write an essay, a photograph, a poem, a painting, and so on…… Everyone is an artist in life, with infinite creativity.

Several features of

in dealing with information flow

The interpretation of the timeliness of

1. information is now released and the information released in the past is divided into two channels, and past information is not easy to recommend. read more

How do you make a successful website


to build a web site is very simple, we chose domain name and virtual host, and then we began to choose a program that we like, and then upload the program to the space later, domain name resolution. Of course, here is our SEO in a sequence, some novice webmaster may choose to love their way of doing, the website set up is very simple, but how to do more successful


I want to talk about the success of the website. Most of my friends would say it’s SEO to make the website a success. Let’s start with SEO, if we use SEO as a successful website. First of all, we have to choose the template of our website, why Baidu is becoming less and less fond of our Taobao customers, because our content, templates and so on are too rampant. So we do SEO, in their blog, choose some of the coldest template to use, this kind of repetition is very low. read more

nsist on updating your website content is the foundation of your website weight enhancement


It’s not easy to do

, it’s not easy to keep it up. Every webmaster may be full of enthusiasm and high morale. Determined to how to do their own website, but along the way they found themselves very tired very hard, perhaps the first month and second months by the passion, enthusiasm is not cleared to third months of fighting continues in a fourth month, insist on not going to give up, or directly for a the type of the station to do from. All this is the mentality of the problem, do before the station to think how long you can insist on starting business again, read more

How to choose foreign channel to register domain name


from the adjustment of Baidu to the regulation of domain name; from the investigation of pornographic websites information to the copyright issues of audiovisual websites; from the network start-ups that caused numerous young webmasters to rise to the disappointment of domestic network policies. Every day we encounter new things. These days, including me, we are busy with moving websites and checking illegal information. Service QQ flashing is not a good thing, is certainly not legitimate website words appear, even the site was linked to the black links they haven’t found, was also found supervisor. CN domain name for personal access, even after the opening of registration, whether it is one yuan or 10 Fen, have hit the enthusiasm of our webmaster, in the near future, CN domain name is no longer the fastest growing number of domain name registration. News data from these days show that the CN domain name has made a lot of corn investors to abandon, have begun to turn to COM and other international domain names, and even some small countries suffix domain name by no small favor. read more

Decoration portal operating ideas sharing


In recent years,

online platform is a decoration, leader of a model such as marmots, tuba rabbit, regulating the family network, the large and small decoration online service platform of small owners like not be too numerous to enumerate; Tuba rabbit, the marmot like operation team, if can operate their own decoration portal platform before one? A friend is to do the development of portal system of decoration, so usually focus on the decoration portal operation more, also operates a local decoration portal, income is also good. Usually communicate with him in the process of learning a number of operational ideas, posted here and share with you; read more

Huang Xiangru crack a vicious circle of small and medium websites


we do anything, to learn to think, to constantly think, constantly improve, than, willing to work together with everyone, make progress together. It takes superhuman intelligence to start a business…

, every entrepreneur and investor has already made great expectations for his website. Because of the deviation of cognition, the website has come to a dead end. According to incomplete survey Roy network statistics, currently the site at least 85% or more different degrees experienced a vicious spiral period, now to 70% of the sites are in a vicious spiral state, especially the small and medium-sized Internet Co, to play the value of the site, it is necessary to understand and solve these problems from the root. Senior Internet incubator experts based on years of Internet combat operations experience, put forward some suggestions for small and medium-sized website, hope that the broad masses of small and medium-sized site entrepreneurs, investors and managers help. read more

Experience of failure cases of personal websites


do a good personal website, a monthly income of tens of thousands of IP every day, also thousands of thousands, this is every webmaster hopes, goals, but really can do this effect, this income is certainly not easy?. Personal website is also a career, and the success of any career is not easy. Moreover, now is not the Internet bubble era, people are more and more real.

so many personal webmaster, depression has not been able to do what good flow, poor, white with big space is very poor.

maybe many webmaster, tried hard to picture station, beauty station, SF station, XX station is not tried, traffic has been few, finally gave up, however, do a business, it is to fail only good, not so many failures don’t know where the mistake. After failure, the following fatal factors were found to be detrimental to survival: read more

[Earl] the biological laws of the nternet


count, I watched CCTV 10 sets of English stroll around today, the name seems to be this, ha ha, forgot. But the important thing is not the program. What’s important is that I saw something in this program. It’s directed at the heart of the grass roots and their lives. Take my time.


program is to Singapore Tourism, then went to the Singapore Museum, host Nini, pretty good ah. She demonstrated a common sense of science, that is, the similarity between human genes and other animals. And the fish is 83% and the mouse is 87% and the mosquito is 45%……. This scene touched some of my brain cells, so I saw the smooth body of the internet. What’s it like, a smooth body?… read more

ntroduce four factors that increase user’s viscosity to web site


smart businessman will try to keep coming back for your website, keep coming back is also very important, which is the prerequisite to the long-term development of the website, but many websites can not do this, often jump out rate is very high, come and go, go, never returned. This is for a lot of stationmaster distress! I think that retain users is not difficult at all, we will be able to reduce the rate of jump out of your site as long as do the following four elements of


1: website should be beautiful and concise, read more

Lu Songsong the original blog is the kingly way


can insist on blogging for a long time, usually in the two category, and narcissism in the other. They don’t need popularity, but because the blog is self pity and raving places, support their long-term "Bo" is to go on the power of the spirit. Another kind of person is the agent who makes money in the blog. They usually need fire popularity to bring advertising revenue, and the support of their long-term "money" is the power of money. But many bloggers ignore it, and use their blogs to advertise for people while their blogs do too. Need "advertisement" a time, otherwise, blog fire not up, advertising done also white. read more

ALEXA screen door, domestic website ranking fell across the board


morning will check the site’s ALEXA ranking, is their daily practice. Today, my site, ALEXA, dropped by 4W on the day. Let me feel very surprised, because the new me, the last 2 months are not ranked ALEXA outside of 2W, but this time a sudden drop to 4W, I believe it is not their own website, because of the recent rise in traffic, so look not is a common phenomenon in domestic websites, continuous check of several domestic the ALEXA website ranking, all decreased, without exception.

Figure read more

Luxury is an opportunity for investors to say


with the development of society, the progress of the times, people have lived a good life, and vanity and comparisons rampant, luxury market has been opened, if you choose this industry for investors, investment is one of the very wise choice!

read more

Broke the news Baidu new sites included a few points of view


my site ( in the 08 years since opening in January, Baidu has been on the new station included very slow, I always felt Baidu included, summarizes the following deficiencies, please don’t laugh at me brother, oh……

1. Baidu anti cheating too much adjustment page keywords (we might not notice because people often do not use what station is the feel of all computing tools leads to web keyword over) caused by

2., Baidu anti link algorithm adjustment is now not relying on the era of guestbook blog, so it is not as good as before, add a little bit of links into Baidu, read more

Analysis of operation and business model of review website Yelp


time in the morning of March 2nd, the U.S. consumer comment site Yelp determine the issue price of IPO $15, higher than the previous $12-14 issue will be the interval. Yelp will land on the NYSE in March 2nd and share code YELP, issuing 7 million 150 thousand shares of common stock. At a $15 issue price, Yelp financing amounts to $107 million, and the market capitalisation will reach $898 million. Goldman Sachs is the lead underwriter of IPO, Citigroup and JefferiesGroup as sub underwriters.

Yelp on the eve of the listing, we will from the development history, operations and business models, financial status and market challenges and other aspects of its sort. read more