How to love the Shanghai liberal arts promotion tutorial accurate flow


2, the title of the document and keyword matching


wants to be in love with Shanghai library drainage effect, then we need to provide enough valuable documents, especially to help others to solve the problem of document types. Through my long-term observation, generally about workplace and life of the document is popular, but popular on the network promotion document level is not very bad. Since we want to love by Shanghai library document drainage, must cater to the tastes of the public, make up the humans document. In order to produce popular and high quality documents, is not the brain hole wide open to come out on the line, but by sets of the long the filing. The document collection is not difficult, only in the love of Shanghai library search and find those popular document. read more

The outdated Shanghai dragon cheating novice attention


spam links

as I said, the first is hidden text, the novice love do, including hidden common words to improve the relevance and increase the chain of hidden links. This text the user can not see, can see through the search engine source code, contains a large number of keywords. The most commonly used method is: the text color and background color set to the same page, this is the simplest and most likely to be found. Sometimes cheat staff will put color into very similar tone, the search engine to read code is different, the user in the page is actually very difficult to distinguish. Then there is a way to font smaller, a character set into a pixel, so the user can see the text of course. And now the most common use of CSS and JS script control, which is the most commonly used way of hanging black chain. No text location into the invisible region, or will not display text on the layer, it can achieve the effect. read more

Network marketing and the Olympic Games have a date


network marketing and the Olympic Games on the current date, records, and in the 1984 Losangeles Olympic Games, the Olympic Games cost is huge, but at the time no government subsidies, and not to increase the burden on taxpayers, and the law also prohibits the issuance of lottery, all funds must self financing difficulties as can be imagined. But marketing changed everything.


is a kind of waiting for the Olympic Games, a kind of spiritual sustenance, the symbol of human courage, healthy and upward physique, a kind of sports spirit can infect a generation, or a symbol of the country. Speaking of the Olympic Games and what is the relationship marketing, you are sure not to forget when certain brands are the Olympic Games partners see on TV or on the Internet, or say is the only Olympic designated products, such advertising can see that they are in the use of the influence of the Olympics to enhance their value or the influence of. read more

n heaven how to do optimization keywords area


we must first understand what is the area of key words, for example "Beijing English exam, Beijing University of Beijing" a product named keywords at the beginning of the product names and other information, we call the area of key words. A few days ago we team took a guest site optimization cosmetics in Sichuan area, summarizes some about the regional keyword optimization experience, today bring to share with everyone, deficiencies still hope expert advice.

household service in Sichuan as an example. If we want to do such words, we should first understand some city sites have been doing these services. We are in the first place now and not information network and local talent net, we step down tells you how to do keywords nature area. The relatively large city sites have 58贵族宝贝 58 city provided the information from all over the country, whether it is selling, trading, trading and other personnel. The weight is very high, it can be said that the page is equivalent to a we do ZhengZhan. We should pick up some key words selective 58贵族宝贝 city without pages to choose. Generally a keyword can extend one hundred or even thousands of related keywords. Choose this, we look at the company website, the competition is always there. If we do not have enough money to do promotion competition with each other, you should do some other work. read more

The site is down right again love Shanghai experience


although I am writing is rough, but each one write more personal real experience, thoughts and feelings of experience, if there is no place please forgive me! The first station network, please respect the individual civilization reproduced, the fruits of labor! Thank you!

after thinking, I want to do is a site in Shanghai Links love down the right, my site has been implicated in stationmaster net check really one site included only 30, marked red display, due to the development of the website need to post installed plugins and many other things had been more no attention, so I immediately and the station that he resumed in the website link, and he removed the link, that should be no problem, but strange to say love Shanghai and noble baby seems to continue to reduce, reduce the amplitude is not so big, so I also introduced a few Links and daily update 4-5 original article, and strengthen the construction of the chain, and the effect is obvious, which included several love Shanghai and noble baby began normal growth read more

f there are golden ratio of Shanghai Dragon



two, content layout

?According to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

is actually a lot of awesome website has been used or very close to the golden ratio, the general users do not realize that the designer layout connotation, verification is very simple: the site is divided into left and right structure, small parts with large proportion of close to 0.618 indicate that it should be used. Of course, not to say that only this layout is perfect, but when you don’t have good ideas for the site layout, the golden section is the safest option read more

Why is Shanghai dragon entertainment instead of pure technology, how to look at the Tmall installmen


here I have a few questions to explain. Some time ago my site is down right, but this is the right down who said that, I think the people in the Links unilaterally, because through the site my home is not the first, ranking began to fall. Site is down right in the first place? I don’t explain this problem, a lot of people have been discussed, I do not think. But the rankings fall down, because the site made a rectification.

some time ago with a friend talked about the Shanghai dragon live, a friend said to me, as you live this technology, firmly, technology will be easier. I was thinking for a while, I told him: the spread of the Internet in Shanghai dragon is pure technical, but there are more senior people think that if the Shanghai dragon as a purely technical, so do not go long, what is Shanghai dragon? I was summed up, Shanghai dragon = thinking + technology + entertainment. Why? read more

Over the past eight months the site optimization failure experience


eight months ago, I what all can’t, accidentally entered a Shanghai dragon service company internship, holding one thousand dollars a month called internship wage subsidies, for four months, the result was also dragged on for a month’s wages, the boss refused to give, this is also the reason finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled! Choose to leave the company, mainly because I felt no future, no future again like that, even, is important because no money to eat to become the legend of the hungry ghost didn’t die, eyes closed, another point is to feel a little strength, through my efforts many words are arranged to love Shanghai and Google the first page of the position, so I could not resist the impulse, decided to get rid of the company began to rash and too much in haste back to Beijing, secretly teeth, must be in Shanghai dragon industry to blaze a new trail. read more

How to make all kinds of false original article disguising


Not going to write an article to avoid

: the first news articles. Often in the major large-scale portal site, see the same news, but we are not the same, each article has a point of view of its own, particularly controversial nature of some articles, website editors are starting to write the article from the perspective of their own. If you want to join in the fun, to write such a pseudo original, these articles are collected over, look at the others standing in what kind of perspective to see the news, to the original you must also have their own point of view, can also summed up the views of others, are mentioned in your article, so you a evaluation of the opinions of others people, this seems to be the original article, but it is a real pseudo original. In order to pseudo original news articles or simple, have their own point of view, and then to elaborate on it. read more

Xiao Jun the rise of Shanghai Longfeng rank Shanghai Longfeng to quietly.


began to be the focus of the liweihui, better known as the circle, more students but was less sure of the Shanghai dragon training institutions, has been used and the Shanghai dragon WHY, but not recognized and affirmed, the reason I didn’t do more evaluation. This is after the ly second Shanghai dragon page ranking of the site is K, and the technique is similar to ly but less anchor text links before hearing the liweihui requirements of each student and the Shanghai dragon or Shanghai dragon training to the official forum, so quickly into the home page ranking, and stable for a long for some time, but due to some factors such as multi domain unified jump to the main station and the chain and other factors, caused by K. read more

Analysis of contractual relationship between shlf1314 AdSense and advertising publisherAfter Ma Yun,


look at Ma, is already a sense of pattern to achieve success and win recognition, he founded the lakeside universities is more between himself and the friends of the "taste", a culture of a new generation of entrepreneurs how to better entrepreneurs, from how to avoid mistakes. Its friends mentor team, including Shi Yuzhu, Feng Lun, Liu Chuanzhi, Guo Guangchang, Shen Guojun and other well-known entrepreneurs. Students are also the focus of screening, there is a certain potential for development of entrepreneurs, not limited to whether or not associated with ALI business. It can be said that the relationship between Ma and entrepreneurs basically stays at the level of teaching and learning. read more

A good grasp of the user experience is completely reversed the site conversion rate


according to the search engine market now, is to love Shanghai as the scope of its users is widely. At present, adjust the frequency of love Shanghai algorithm, somewhat faster. Then, leads to a lot of natural ranking sites, affected by the corresponding. Such as the introduction of pomegranate chain judgment algorithm, the corresponding algorithm, around the user experience as the center of the network, effectively change the current situation. Improve the user experience, for users, is a good thing. So, when the search, to find what they need. Not some information first show of no great importance. Don’t, after all to the user experience, and ignore the website of other factors? Result is obviously impossible. The site is full of a lot of useful information, also need a perfect show. In this case, it can be easier to read. read more

Shanghai Longfeng outside chain construction the key breakthrough point


is now more and more people found the soft force on the network, a good soft Wen can be major media websites, and users reprint, you can imagine.

the other day and chat online with a friend, he is doing marketing in a car sales company, he said that he had a recent event: 100 wars ultimate prize car radio and newspaper publicity activities, the activities in the local post, they will want to buy a car from the local family of the blitz the specific form, is the overall cost of a car is set to 100, then let one hundred people buy, finally by lottery, to determine the ultimate ownership of the car, and the remaining 99 were not winning can use the money to buy the cash coupon decoration car or a car, the success of this activity the effect is novelty, sensation is caused by a late effect of a lot of people are aware of this well-known 4S shop, go up, and the flow of people visiting the store is also up, so the success of the movement The two points are: the election of the media, and made a strange sensation of marketing events. In fact, today I said at the start of the purpose of this activity is to express if we do stand should be through formal means to make a station, and quickly gathered popularity. read more

Rational treatment of love Shanghai changes every time algorithm


site can meet the needs of users.

Don’t Take

is the same to the search engine, but their thinking will be more careful, not too casual, there are also some commercial factors in it. Like Shanghai will give competitors website down right, noble baby will celebrate a memorial day will suddenly increase included. But this is only the case.

Rich The

Lou loose blog, I will Gesanchaiwu to modify a blog, you see what is not changed, but more time will be based on feedback from users to adjust, such as a few days ago, some people say that your blog title list is too rough looking tired, the second day I have changed the font in fact, as a webmaster you also. read more

Answer new forever right down the website how to save the problem


more than two friends also according to their own experiences and answer, which has experienced a little more, the former may also just learning Shanghai dragon who came right and what is not a bad thing, in the Shanghai dragon industry mix, if not through the website right down, do not experience the net station is K, how do you learn more experience knowledge, treatment sites do not be right down his own not to care down the right, not by the K website won’t understand website by K solution, the website drop right is undoubtedly in let us summarize the experience and methods so you should first and then go to the root of the right mentality of thinking read more

Shanghai dragon laugh to the end will become chicken ribs left for the king



"I like the chicken ribs, tasteless, abandon shed", a hope to achieve "Wangzhuan dream" Friends of the A5 station network of Shanghai dragon team guest website by Taobao (www.yuehuai贵族宝贝) leader Tang Shijun said: "I suspect Shanghai dragon

can do for you?"

because with the development of network marketing, the current "content is king, the chain for the emperor" as the foundation, user oriented Shanghai dragon has become the foundation of all the essence of imperceptibly in network marketing – this is the biggest difficulty Shanghai dragon, if you have a solid grasp of how to better integrate "being written off the contents of the core, always grasp the needs of potential users in the first time, so what you get is not only out of the ordinary industry original content, and you will easily find the unusual and extraordinary promotion methods, easily overcome such as" how to send the chain "promotion problem because everything is content marketing promotion after all. read more

Shanghai Longfeng website data analysis should focus on several aspects


this is for our own websites, need long-term follow-up of some Shanghai Longfeng data. For example, included, especially the analysis of the characteristics of the directory, key column tracking; such as the chain, need of quantity and quality, and distribution were analyzed and summarized. To know the website optimization effect, or find a website problem.


through the analysis of some basic data on Shanghai Longfeng rivals, such as other included in the site, the chain number, the number of keywords and ranking and so on, can understand the competition website of Shanghai dragon. At this time, then through the contrast with their own website, you can find some competitors are doing better than us, we can learn from, or what we are doing better, to continue to maintain. read more

SEM is not a great scourges Shanghai dragon ER paid attention please


some time ago I and a friend of Shanghai Longfeng debated for a long time, because I was in love now in Shanghai for promotion, he jokes and I said I was a "Shanghai dragon rebellion", in order to save the Shanghai dragon a generalized cost is, how can I put take the Shanghai dragon do not go to Shanghai instead of love money? In fact, believe that this idea of the Shanghai dragon ER is certainly not unusual, especially just contact Shanghai Longfeng not long. At least, I also began to have such ideas.. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect of four point technology of website construction


says, in the website promotion before your website is to do well in the station optimization, internal link optimization. In the dream weaving program, dream content template of each line of code will have his anchor text, so the search engine in the understanding of code case by text description we can know this website put a string of code meaning. But the anchor text information of site in the optimization of the time as far as possible reasonable layout, concise text, it is best not to do keyword stuffing. This hidden keyword stuffing behavior in the short time can help us improve the amount collected and ranking, but it is also the most annoying > search engine read more

Shanghai Longfeng for what


What is the

is a website to have a good user experience:

Shanghai dragon? Chinese translation of Shanghai dragon as search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a kind of objective to improve website ranking in the search engine in the way of using search engine rules. What is the purpose of Shanghai dragon? Shanghai Longfeng objective understanding is: to provide ecological type of self marketing solutions for the site, let site occupies a leading position in the industry, so as to obtain brand earnings. These days I have been in a tangle, we do Shanghai dragon for what? With this confusion, I love to Shanghai about Shanghai Longfeng, looking forward to be able to find the answer. read more