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Thurston County Historic Commission Awards 2013 Preservation Grants

first_imgFacebook12Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by Thurston CountyOLYMPIA – Historic preservation programs in Thurston County have been given a boost, thanks to grants authorized today by the Board of County Commissioners. Funding for the grants comes under an enactment from the 2005 legislature that sets aside $1 from each $5 historic document recording fee collected by the county auditor. The grant program is managed by the Thurston County Historic Commission who reviews and recommends funding in compliance with guidelines establishedby the Commissioners. The Board of County Commissioners approved the six top-ranked grant applications, as recommended by the Historic Commission. Commissioners also approved an additional grant which will fund the bathroom addition to the historic Triad Theater in Yelm.The Thurston County Historic Commission received and ranked eleven applications.  Seven grant applications were awarded grant funding for 2013 as listed below –● Olympia Downtown Association – Olympia Heritage Corridor, Phase II – install interpretive signage along street corridors in Olympia.  $4,200● Bigelow House Preservation Association – Bigelow House – design and produce a historic marker at the Bigelow House. $5,000● Tumwater Historical Association – Acquisition of additional equipment for presentations interpreting Thurston County history. $5000● Gate Community Club – Gate School – painting and restoration of the exterior of the historic Gate School.  $5,000● WA State Historical Society – Folk Arts of Thurston County – 2013 traveling panel exhibit “Working with Tradition: Folk Artists of Washington State”.  $5,000● Olympia Film Society – Capitol Theater – preserve and protect stained glass muses and iron ports on the Capitol Theater. $5,000● Triad Theater – Bathroom Addition – construct a second bathroom facility in the Triad Theater.  $4,975last_img read more

Mallard’s Team of the Week — Whitecaps Youth Soccer Campers

first_imgMore than 100 players from the area flocked to the Lakeside Pitch to participate in the Whitecaps Kootenay Youth Soccer Camp.Mallard’s Source for sport would like to salute the players with Team of the Week honours.Some of the players got together for a Team Photo with Marcos Bustos of the Vancouver Whitecaps.last_img

Stephen Curry to miss at least 3 months after surgery on broken left hand

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO — Typically a neat and tidy area, Stephen Curry’s locker was symbolic of a season that quickly has unraveled.The cheetah-printed Curry 5 shoes that the Warriors superstar was wearing Wednesday night sat unlaced on the floor by his chair. A pair of shorts hung haphazardly over a cup of coffee Curry never finished before heading to the hospital with a broken left hand suffered minutes earlier in a game against the Phoenix Suns.Friday came the news that Curry will miss at least …last_img read more

Why The “New” iPad Should Never Have Been Released

first_imgWhat it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … The question was immediately asked: would Steve Jobs have approved? I do not like putting words in a dead man’s mouth, but the new iPad did seeme to lack a certain polish that had been present in the first two iterations. Maybe Apple felt the same way. Here we are, a little more than six months later and the third generation is being replaced by a fourth. It is the same thickness as the third generation (0.37 inch) and is equipped with a new processor (A6X with quad core graphics) that is more powerful than that of the A6 in iPhone 5. The Wi-Fi and LTE receptors have been improved as have the camera sensors.Why Did Apple Do A Refresh?It is not a huge upgrade, really. The dimensions are almost exactly the same, the Retina display is exactly the same and the price is exactly the same. So, why bother with the refresh? The third-generation iPad was a perfectly acceptable device. Right?There are two theories here. The first and most pertinent is that Apple knows how much it relies on the holiday shopping season for its profit. Apple does well every financial quarter in past years, but the revenue from the holiday quarter is staggering. It behooves Apple to refresh the iPad, call it a brand new product and sell the hell out of it to holiday shoppers. “The new iPad is even newer!” Apple touted during Tuesday’s event that the iPad outsold all competitors in the laptop market in Q2 this year. So, a spring launch of the iPad also made sense, even if the particular device may not have been up to Apple’s standards.Technology vs. MarketingThese are all marketing concerns. Apple deftly plays the timing of its device launches – every launch is timed for maximum impact. From a technology perspective though, if Apple figured it would refresh the iPad later in 2012 anyway, why bother releasing the third-generation in the first place?Apple has made consumers wait before. There was a 15-month period between the launch of the iPhone 4 and the 4S. If Apple had not released the “new” iPad in the spring and waited until today, it would have gone 19 months between iPad updates. Speculation would have been rampant and consumer expectation ready to explode. Would that have led to higher overall sales? Maybe, but not likely. Samsung has proved that releasing multiple versions of a product in a short term can be very beneficial to its bottom line. The fourth-generation iPad is not so substantially different from the third that Apple needed to do anything at all. Today’s announcement is Apple implying that it made a mistake with the “new” iPad in March, that it could have (and probably should have) waited the extra months to polish the innards. The fact that the third-generation iPad is being discontinued speaks to that notion. Instead of discontinuing the iPad 2 and lowering the price of the third-generation, the iPad 2 is still on the market. The bottom line for Apple in this particular snafu is… well, its bottom line. The third and fourth generation iPads are almost exactly the same product except for some performance improvements. By releasing new iPads twice in the same year, Apple gets to drum up more excitement for its tablet and sell more units.  Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement dan rowinski Related Posts Tags:#Apple#iPad Apple did something Tuesday it has not been able to pull off for a couple of years: It surprised the smack out of us. Sure, we all expected the iPad Mini and what Apple produced was right in line with our expectations. The kick in the head? Apple’s brand new fourth-generation iPad. Looking at timing and specifications, one has to wonder: Why did the third-generation “new” iPad released in March ever exist in the first place.How Good Was The New iPad?The “new” iPad (never, ever the iPad 3, of course) was released in March. It was supposed to be a marvel of modern engineering, mostly because it incorporated Apple’s Retina Display and came equipped with a better processor than the iPad 2. Yet, the third-generation was not without its warts. It was thicker than the iPad 2 and many people noted that it “ran hot” when using screen-intensive functions like video or games. When I first got my hands on the third-generation iPad, I was a little surprised at how thick it was. Since the launch of the original iPhone in 2007, Apple had never released a new product in its iOS line that was thicker than the previous iteration. Being thin is as much a part of Apple innovative design as are those vaunted bezels. But the new iPad was thicker and, despite the Retina Display and smoothness of its iOS iteration, it felt a bit clunky. This was not what I was expecting and at the time I saw no reason to pony up the money to upgrade from my iPad 2 (which is still a respectable device).  Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

Rajeev Kumar files for prearrest bail in Calcutta HC

first_imgNew Delhi: The legal battle between Rajeev Kumar and the CBI has once again reached the Calcutta High Court, 10 days after it had lifted the former Kolkata Police Commissioner’s arrest shield in the Saradha chit fund case. Kumar’s lawyer on Monday filed a fresh anticipatory bail plea before the High Court in Kolkata, where the matter will be heard today.Kumar’s lawyer, Gopal Halder said that the fresh bail plea has been filed under Section 438 of the CrPC and will be heard by a bench comprising of Justices Sahidullah Munshi and Subhasis Dasgupta. Also Read – 2019 most peaceful festive season for J&K: Jitendra SinghOn September 13, the High Court had dismissed the plea seeking quashing of the summons and removed the protection from arrest granted to Kumar till then. Since then, Kumar has not been seen in public, with the CBI pouring in resources to trace his location. The central probe agency has formed several special teams to locate the IPS officer and has not been able to find his whereabouts for the last 10 days. These roving teams have been visiting various locations in Kolkata where the former Kolkata top cop is suspected to be. Officials from the Central Bureau of Investigation also visited Kumar’s official residence at 34, Park Street multiple times and even questioned his wife about his whereabouts last Saturday. Also Read – Personal life needs to be respected: Cong on reports of Rahul’s visit abroadThe CBI’s request for a non-bailable warrant (NBW) for Kumar’s arrest has been denied by three separate courts in West Bengal and now so has Kumar’s pleas for anticipatory bail so far. The Alipore Sessions court had on Saturday dismissed Kumar’s anticipatory bail plea, observing that he needed to join the probe to assist investigators in the Saradha chit fund case. However, Halder has consistently maintained that his client is willing to join the probe as soon as he returns for his leave. According to Kumar’s lawyer, his client had sent a communication to the CBI on August 28, letting the agency know that he would not be available between September 1 and September 25, but would join the probe after that. Halder said that the agency kept issuing summons to Kumar despite being aware of the communique.last_img read more

Inheritance of the youth

first_imgLittle was the world prepared for a deeply feeling and angry youth when a school-going 15-year-old girl in Sweden called Greta Thunberg paved the way for deeper awareness about the deteriorating climate and the impact of it which will be borne not by the developing or backward countries the most but by the young generation of today which needs a future to look forward to. At 15, she skipped school to demonstrate outside the Swedish parliament, holding up a sign calling for stronger climate action, and being alone in doing so in the beginning. Routinely held international summits on climate change, its impact, discussions about the quantum of emissions, the inter-governmental undertakings and agreements and disagreements all invariably begin and end with dominant political tones directed by primarily growing economic needs of the nations that have a say and which are also heard. It may be safely said that the outgoing generation has conveniently confined to political dynamics a profound issue of environment and humanity which is threatening of mass extinction lest it be ignored. Greta Thunberg belongs to Sweden, a developed, peaceful country with hardly any material deprivations whatsoever compared to most parts of the visible world. Taking to protest by such a person exemplifies sufficiently that development along economic parameters and material comforts cannot be the ultimate measure of a life of prosperity and safe and healthy thriving. The priorities of weaker or developing countries may not permit them to focus primarily on climate and environment but it stands unjustified to not have an attitude to heed the necessary balance between modern development and preservation of nature. Thunberg’s simplistic and straightforward approach to climate change can potentially result in bringing climate protesters into conflict with the complexities of decision-making in Western democracies in particular. The adolescent climate activist was visibly poignant at the UN Climate Action Summit asking a question very characteristic of her age: “how dare you?” to the world leaders that may be held accountable for allowing the phenomena of climate change to compound to the extent of causing the young to doubt any safety and security in a future for which they nurture ambitions and aspirations. “You have stolen my childhood” is a very forceful and telling remark coming form an aware and inform adolescent of a developed country insisting on her rightful demand for action for change. With the terrifying statistics that explain the gravity of climate change, a duly informed and aware youth can justifiably question if the future—dark and noxious, devoid of the kind of life which can allow healthy thriving—is actually worth any effort. The future belongs to the young generation, the source of all measurable economic growth and development in inevitably pegged on them. Greta Thunberg may be credited with taking climate awareness to the common people, not as an electoral or a political issue but as a concern for their own future. As a result, more than 4,600 events are held in 150 countries. Across the UK alone, for the first time, 200 events took place with 500 organisations and 1,000 companies came out in support. These protests are part of a snowballing movement sparked Thunberg’s school strikes outside the Swedish parliament. Also Read – A strong standpointAlong the lines of such awareness at UN Climate Action Summit in New York, PM Modi emphasised very correctly that time for talks on climate is over, the world must act now. A major global coalition to promote setting up of disaster-resilient infrastructure in the wake of rising extreme climatic events is a significant place to start. Developing climate resilience is the beginning of instilling among common people the necessity of a stable climate and the contribution of all in their respective capacities in ensuring efforts to restore the climate. The Indian PM is the third world leader after New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern and President of Marshall Islands Hilda Heine to address the summit. Addressing the congregation, the PM highlighted to the world India’s plans to generate 175 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2022 and that the government has given a major push to electric mobility and mixing of bio-fuel to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. India looks towards making investments of up to $50 billion on its Jal Jeevan Mission to conserve water resources. With respect to developing a comprehensive approach to combat climate change, the need of the hour is the much-needed behavioural change which can come about only through education and awareness. And this behavioural change has to be a wave sweeping the entire world, not just India.last_img read more

Tom Hanks to receive Cecil B DeMille Award at Golden Globes

first_imgLos Angeles: Veteran actor Tom Hanks will be honoured with the Cecil B deMille honour at the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has announced. Chosen by the HFPA board members, the Cecil B deMille award is given annually to a talented individual who has made a lasting impact on the world of entertainment. Hanks, an eight-time Golden Globe winner and 15-time nominee, will accept the award on January 5, 2020. Also Read – ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ has James Cameron’s fingerprints all over it: Arnold Schwarzenegger “The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is proud to bestow the 2020 Cecil B deMille Award to Tom Hanks. For more than three decades, he’s captivated audiences with rich and playful characters that we’ve grown to love and admire. “As compelling as he is on the silver screen, he’s equally so behind the camera as a writer, producer, and director. We’re honored to include Mr Hanks with such luminaries as Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Martin Scorsese, and Barbra Streisand to name a few,” said HFPA President Lorenzo Soria said in a statement on the Golden Globes official website. Also Read – Salman pays tribute to Vinod Khanna on ‘Dabangg 3’ wrap up Hanks is both a critically-acclaimed actor and beloved star who has iconic films such as “Big”, “Forrest Gump”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Cast Away”, among others to his credit. He is one of the only two actors in history to win back-to-back Best Actor Academy Awards — he won his first Oscar in 1994 for his moving portrayal of AIDS-stricken lawyer Andrew Beckett in “Philadelphia”. Hanks followed it up next year as he picked up another trophy for his memorable performance in the title role of “Forrest Gump”. He also won the Golden Globe Award for both films, as well as a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award for the latter. He made his successful feature film writing and directing debut with 1996’s “That Thing You Do!” in which he also starred. In 2011, he wrote, produced, directed and starred in “Larry Crowne”, with Julia Roberts. Hanks was most recently seen in the Oscar-nominated “The Post”, which revolves around the role of The Washington Post in publishing the infamous Pentagon Papers about America’s accountability in the Vietnam War. His upcoming projects include the Fred Rodgers biopic, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, WWII drama “Greyhound”, which he also wrote, the post-apocalyptic “BIOS” and pre-Civil War drama “News of the World”.last_img read more

Bijnore A TikTok user has emerged as the prime su

first_imgBijnore: A TikTok user has emerged as the prime suspect in three shocking murders that have taken place over the past five days in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnore district. Thirty-year-old Ashwini Kumar is a drug addict, who uses the alias of Johnny Dada and uploads TikTok videos of himself posing as a ‘villain’. He also posts violent Facebook messages like ‘I will destroy everything’, ‘Devil is ready now’ and ‘See my havoc’. However, he has no criminal record and was known to be a harmless man, until he shot a local BJP leader’s 25-year-old son and his nephew, 26, following a dispute on September 27 in Barhapur area in Bijnore. After the cold-blooded murders, he fled the busy market waving a pistol. Also Read – Personal life needs to be respected: Cong on reports of Rahul’s visit abroad Three days later, Ashwini barged into the house of 27-year-old Nitika Sharma firing indiscriminately at her and fled from there. Nikita was a local girl, who used to work with a hotel in Dubai and had come home for her wedding in Bijnor. She was to marry a sub-inspector posted with CISF in Chennai on December 2. However, she died a day after she was shot. According to Nitika’s family, Ashwini had made advances at her in 2002, when he used to frequent her uncle’s place in Daulatabad and was spurned by her. She later got a job in Dubai and settled there. The episode was forgotten, or so they thought. Also Read – Firms staying closed 10 days a month due to recession, govt doing nothing: Priyanka Gandhi “It is likely that Ashwini was upset with the news of her wedding and wanted to settle scores,” a police official said. However, police are yet to establish motive in the other two murders he committed four days earlier. Ashwini, a graduate, comes from a humble background in Barhapur town of Bijnore. His father was a clerk in a sugarcane cooperative society in Dhampur tehsil and his elder brother works in a private company in Dehradun. According to the family, Ashwini also used to work with a private firm in Delhi, but abruptly gave it up. His family believes that his drug addiction affected his mental health. Meanwhile, additional security forces have been deployed in Bijnore and a reward of Rs 25,000 has been announced for anyone providing any information about his whereabouts. Bijnore Superintendent of Police Sanjeev Tyagi said, “We have formed eight teams and a combing operation is underway to trace him. Posters announcing the bounty and carrying his pictures and personal details of Ashwini have also been put up at various locations. Locals are being requested to alert the police about his whereabouts.”last_img read more

New Delhi Delhiites woke up to a humid day on Thu

first_imgNew Delhi: Delhiites woke up to a humid day on Thursday, with the minimum temperature settling at 23.8 degrees Celsius. The relative humidity in the morning was recorded at 83 per cent. “The minimum temperature settled at 23.8 degrees Celsius, two notches above the season’s average while the maximum temperature is expected to hover around 35 degrees Celsius,” a MeT Department official said. The weatherman has forecast a generally cloudy sky with possibility of development of thunder or lightning. On Wednesday, the city registered a low of 23.4 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature had settled around 32 degrees Celsius.last_img read more

Islamabad A highlevel Taliban delegation on Thur

first_imgIslamabad: A high-level Taliban delegation on Thursday met Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi as part of a push to revive the Afghan peace process stalled after US President Donald Trump abruptly declared the talks with the rebel group “dead”. The Taliban delegation led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar arrived in Islamabad on Wednesday night. The issue of Afghan peace talks and regional situation were discussed during their meeting Qureshi, a Foreign Office official said. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince Salman ‘snubbed’ Pak PM Imran, recalled his private jet from US: Report Qureshi told the delegation that war was not a solution of the ongoing unrest in Afghanistan. The delegation is also expected to meet American officials in Islamabad. Taliban’s Pakistan visit is the fourth leg of a tour that included Russia, China and Iran. The Foreign Office announced on Wednesday that Afghan delegation was visiting on the invitation of Pakistan to review the progress made so far under the stalled US-Taliban peace talks. Also Read – Iraq military admits ‘excessive force’ used in deadly protests US special envoy to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad is also in Pakistan to discuss revival of the peace talks. He may also meet the Taliban delegation. Khalilzad’s comes days after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to the US where he met Trump and among other issues discussed the revival of negotiations to bring peace in Afghanistan. Since his appointment in September last year, Afghanistan-born Khalilzad has met with all sides in an attempt to end America’s longest war in which the US has lost over 2,400 soldiers in more than 17 years. The US and the Taliban had agreed on draft peace plan, but the process was suspend by President Trump following killing of an American soldier in Kabul last month in a suicide attack claimed by the Taliban. Trump stunned the world when he suddenly declared that the Afghan peace talks with the Taliban were “dead”. He cancelled a secret meeting with the Taliban and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani at Camp David near Washington after the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in Kabul, in which an American soldier was among the dead. The Taliban control nearly half of Afghanistan, and are more powerful now than they were at any time since the 2001 US-led invasion after the 9/11 terror attacks. The US has continued to push for a ceasefire in the war-torn country and the opening of negotiations between the Taliban and the Kabul government. The Taliban, however, have repeatedly refused to meet with officials of the Afghan government, whom they dismiss as “puppets”. The US has long considered Pakistani cooperation crucial to efforts to end the war in Afghanistan.last_img read more