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2016 was the second safest year to fly

first_imgAir crashes may be big news these days but preliminary statistics from the Aviation Safety Network show that 2016 was the second safest year on record to take a flight.The Netherlands-based ASN, which compiles a global accident database,  looked at crashes worldwide of civil aircraft carrying at least 14 passengers and found there were 19 fatal airliner accidents involving 325 deaths. The network’s statistics include acts such as suicide, sabotage and hijackings that can be excluded from some analyses.See the list of airliner crashes. Although this was up from 16 accidents in 2015, it still made 2016 the second safest year ever by number of fatal accidents as well as in terms of fatalities.  By comparison, 560 people died in 2015, while the year of the lowest number of fatalities, 2013, recorded 29 accidents.Eleven of the accidents and 288 deaths involved passenger flights but the ASN noted this translated to one fatal passenger flight per 3.2 million flights.This means aviation is still by far the safest way to travel and provides a context for the widespread media coverage of high-profile crashes such as the LaMia tragedy in Colombia involving a Brazillian football team. “Since 1997 the average number of airliner accidents has shown a steady and persistent decline, for a great deal thanks to the continuing safety-driven efforts by international aviation organisations such as ICAO, IATA, Flight Safety Foundation and the aviation industry.” ASN president Harro Ranter said.The 71 deaths in the LaMia crash of an Avro RJ85 near Medellin,  Colombia, due to fuel exhaustion was the year’s worst civil aviation accident. The recent crash of a military Tupolev 154 was not included because it was a military aircraft.Two accidents involved airlines operated on  European Union’s “black list’’ and two likely involved terrorism, ASN said. “While investigation is still ongoing, the Egyptian authorities stated that they found traces of explosives after the accident of an EgyptAir Airbus A320 that crashed in the Mediterranean Sea in May,’’ it said, “Earlier, in February, one passenger was killed when a bomb detonated in the cabin of an Airbus A321 that had just departed from Mogadishu, Somalia.’’The ASN’s analysis also found the five-year average trend showed accidents occurring during approach and landing fell to their lowest point in 45 years.“Over the last five years about one in three accidents occurred during the approach or landing phase,’’ it said. “On the other hand, the cruise and descent phase accident trend show a marked increase to 45 per cent of all accidents in the past five years. This is the highest number in 50 years.”last_img read more

Are you travel ready?

first_img18 December 2015As the December break begins, the Department of Home Affairs has launched a campaign to urge all South Africans to make sure they are “travel ready” before they go on holiday – particularly if they are travelling with children.Find out more about new requirements for children travelling through South African ports of entry – effective 1 June 2015 – on the Department of Home Affairs website.SouthAfrica.info reporterlast_img

Chamber of Mines turns on Africa’s first platinum fuel cell

first_img7 April 2015Africa’s first 100-kilowatt (kW) fuel cell that runs on platinum and natural gas has been installed at the Chamber of Mines in Johannesburg, which will provide baseload power to the entire building.The Platinum Power Fuel Cell is Africa’s first-ever building base-load fuel cell that runs on natural gas. It could power the equivalent of about 100 average South African homes.Speaking at the launch last week, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies said South Africa, home to 80% of the world’s known platinum reserves, was at the forefront of developing fuel cell technology.Davies said the fuel cell components would see South Africa gain entry into the manufacturing and distribution of fuel cell components. They would be targeting 1 000 Megwatts (MW) of platinum fuel cell-generated electricity supply by 2020, which would increase platinum demand by 5%.Platinum Power Fuel Cell is a joint project between the Department of Trade and Industry and Mitochondria, the energy company that received loan financing of R3.25- million from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). The DTI contributed R7.5- million for feasibility work of the projectGreen energyThe fuel cell’s reliability and security of supply make it particularly attractive in the South African context, the project said on its website. Advantages of the technology are that it is green energy, and can provide distributed, off-grid generation. It also has low operating and maintenance costs.Davies said the fuel cell answered demand and enhanced opportunities for the mining industry. “The real value chain is by being involved in value addition through beneficiation,” he said. “We have been looking at ways we can add value to our resources as a driver of industrial development in our country.”He said South Africa was well placed to become a “significant player” in the manufacturing of fuel cell generators using platinum. About 70% of the country’s platinum is currently used for the manufacture of jewelry or catalytic converters in cars.Top of the value chainDavies said platinum power fuel cell technology takes the country to the top of the value chain where “we would be able to establish small plants like this one providing power in outlying areas and areas where it is difficult to connect people to the grid”.He said the DTI had “a range of incentive programmes” in place and was contemplating the development of a platinum-based Special Economic Zone (SEZ).Impala Platinum announced on Tuesday that it had partnered with Mitochondria to develop and deliver fuel-cell solutions, including the development of a 1.8MW hydrogen- fed fuel cell power solution at its Springs refineries in the second quarter of 2015.“We envisage this being rapidly followed with the execution of a larger installation at the refineries with the ultimate goal of moving our refineries off-grid,” Implats chief executive Terence Goodlace said at the launch. “The second phase is expected to deliver 8MW of fuel cell driven power from a natural gas source, with the final phase delivering in excess of 10MW.”SAinfo reporter and SAnews.gov.zalast_img read more

Passive House NW Conference is Coming Soon

first_imgPassive House Northwest’s 2013 annual conference takes place March 15 at Seattle Pacific University. Organizers expect about 200 attendees.Among the speakers are Denis Hayes, president of the Bullitt Foundation, which promotes sustainable development in the Pacific Northwest, and J.O. Dockx of the Brussels Institute for Management of the Environment.Organizers said Dockx will discuss the public-private Exemplary Buildings Program, which has created 1.5 million sq. ft. of high-performance building in Brussels. All new construction there will be required to meet the Passivhaus standard by 2015.Presentations and workshops will cover high-performance wall systems, large-scale prefabricated construction, and the basics of Passivhaus design and construction. A second workshop track will cover routes to Passivhaus certification, including a presentation on the Passive House Institute US training program.The conference runs from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. But if you can’t make it in person, the conference will be available via webinar. Details were to be posted at the PHnw web site, where you’ll also find details on registration fees.Hammer & Hand and NK Architects are co-sponsors. Seattle Pacific University is located at 3307 3rd Avenue West in Seattle.last_img read more

Ex-MLA’s daughter, who alleged torture by family, returns home

first_imgA former BJP MLA’s daughter, who had run away alleging torture by the family, returned home on Tuesday. Her return was unconditional and she didn’t make any accusations against the family, said the police. “We found her at a village near Raver of Maharashtra. A police team escorted her to her house and handed her over to the family. There was no settlement between the two sides,” said Umesh Tiwari, T.T. Nagar City Superintendent of Police. “She had run away of her own accord and returned the same way.”On October 16, former MLA from Bhopal Central Surendranath Singh had filed a complaint with the police claiming his “mentally ill” daughter Bharti Singh had gone missing. Days later, Ms. Singh released a video online alleging torture by her family for a decade, including administration of sleep-inducing injections. According to her lawyer, Ankit Saxena, who petitioned the High Court seeking protection for her, she was in a relationship with a man of another faith for five-six years, but her family was forcing her to marry the son of a political leader.On Monday, Mr. Singh told The Hindu that his daughter was a victim of “love jihad”, in which the Congress leaders had a hand. After receiving his daughter home, he said, “Someone had performed tantric kriya (black magic) on her. Now that she has returned, we want all this to go away.” “When she was upset, no one was by her side. He helped her then. So, she went away with him,” Mr. Singh said, referring to the man his daughter was in a relationship with. Mr. Singh said that he had told his daughter she had a right to decide her fate. “I told her we’ll do as you say. Padho likho apna kaam karo (Study well and do you work)”In the video released from an undisclosed location on Saturday, Ms. Singh had said: “My mental health is totally fine. My family is falsely blaming me as they are in a position to forge documents, but I can’t do that. Please help me. I just don’t want to return home.”Mr. Singh had said his daughter had been suffering from depression since 2016. “She is being treated by a reputed doctor and we have the documents relating to it.”last_img read more

What’s your child’s learning style?

first_imgEach child is wired and inspired differently. She experiences her world and makes sense of it in her own unique way. One child may learn by writing notes or making diagrams, whereas another may learn by reading aloud, through brainstorming. Let me take you through three basic learning styles so you understand your child’s primary approach. Most of us are a mix of different learning styles. However, each one has a preference for a particular modality.The visual learnerStays more focussed if she makes notes, highlights or underlines what she is reading. Remembers what the teacher wrote down on the board rather than what she said.Has picked up reading more by word recognition rather than the phonics method.Good speller, fast reader.Enjoys puzzles, art and craft, drawing, painting, dressing up.Good at fine motor skills like drawing, embroidery, beading.Prefers studying alone.Presentation is neat.You can see they learn best through visual stimulation-pictures, flow charts, diagrams, flash cards, white boards, strategic use of colours, power point presentations, DVDs, mind mapping (Read Mind Mapping for Kids by Tony Buzan, Thorsons, 2003). Make sure you focus on these.The auditory learnerGood orator, skilled at theatre.Excels in verbal expression, good at writing poetry.Learnt to read well through phonics method.Large vocabulary.Easily distracted by noise.Learns by listening and discussing.Remembers lyrics of songs.Presentation is inconsistent.They learn through verbalising, listening, brainstorming, answering questions, studying with a partner or a small group, acting as if teaching a class, audio recordings, drama, speeches, debates, stories, music in the background (for math). Keep these in mind.advertisementThe kinaesthetic learnerThinks and learns better when he/she is moving or playing with ball.Gestures a lot while speaking.Learns by doing.Can’t sit still for a long time, fidgety, squirmy.High need for movement while trying to explain something.Loves wide open spaces.Well coordinated and would generally excel in sports, outdoor activities, dance.Presentation is untidy.Kinaesthetic learners learn and memorise through touching, moving, skipping, jogging, trampolining, role plays, field trips, projects, lab experiences, art and craft construction activities. Allow them the space to explore their world.”Teach me the way I learn”With an understanding of this paradigm researched extensively by Dunn & Dunn (2000), learning becomes more fun and certainly more productive. I can get lost if I am being given verbal directions but, on the other hand, give me a map and I can navigate with ease. My daughter is a visual learner like me. My son is an auditory learner and learns through brainstorming and discussions. He picks up lyrics of songs and makes poems at a drop of a hat. My husband is a kinaesthetic learner and has to move around to clarify his thinking. Observe the different people in your family and you will be fascinated by how each one is wired.If curriculum is about the ‘what’ of learning, then learning styles is about the ‘how’ of it. So this exam season, forget the panic and find out the most effective way your child learns. You will be helping him to get smart about learning and have fun to boot!last_img read more

Borromeo resigns from Tata Steel Sports dept

first_imgJamshedpur, Apr 28 (PTI) Asian Games gold medallist Charles Borromeo, head of the Tata Steel sports department, has resigned a day after the vigilance department officials of the company questioned him in connection with alleged irregularities in tender process of synthetic track laying at the JRD Tata Sports complex. Borromeo, who had won a gold medal of 800 m at the 1982 Asian Games held in Delhi and also a part of Indian Olympic contingent that took place at Los Angeles in 1984, resigned citing personal reason yesterday, a Tata Steel official said. The synthetic track, worth Rs 4 crore, was inaugurated by Director General of Sport Authority of India (SAI), Injeti Srinivas on October 17 last year in the presence of ace long jumper Anju Bobby George among others. PTI BS PR AH LNSlast_img read more

2016 NTL Player of the Final awards

first_imgCongratulations to the following players who received Player of the Final honours at the 2016 National Touch League. Elite Eight Men’s Player of the Final – Lachlan Pierce (QLD Cowboys)Elite Eight Men’s Player of the Series – Lachlan Pierce (QLD Cowboys)Elite Eight Women’s Player of the Final – Kimberley Sue See (QLD Broncos)Elite Eight Women’s Player of the Series – Kimberley Sue See (QLD Broncos)Mixed Open – Oscar Sanft and Natasha Adams (Brisbane City Cobras)Men’s T League – Marcus Holme (South QLD Sharks)Women’s T League – Eliza West (Victoria)Women’s 27’s – Katie Shaw (South QLD Sharks)Men’s 30’s – Ryan Pollock (South QLD Sharks)Women’s 35’s – Nicole Mitchell (Hunter Western Hornets)Men’s 40’s – Dean Wilbow (Hunter Western Hornets)Women’s 40’s – Anita Hagarty (NQ Cyclones) Men’s 45’s – Bruce McDonald (South QLD Sharks)Men’s 55’s – Shane Beale (NQ Cyclones)Men’s 50’s – Jeffrey Carrick (South QLD Sharks)Senior Mixed – James Harrington and Hayley McAnelly (South QLD Sharks)Related LinksNTL Player of Finalslast_img read more

4 days agoWATCH: Liverpool ace Oxlade-Chamberlain clashes with angry Man Utd fans

first_imgWATCH: Liverpool ace Oxlade-Chamberlain clashes with angry Man Utd fansby Paul Vegas4 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool ace Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain clashed Manchester United fans after full-time at Old Trafford.The midfielder was clearly told to “F*** off” while talking to one fan, while another rejected his offer of a fist bump.It’s not clear why the 26-year-old went to the home fans after the end of the 1-1 draw.Some viewers on social media claimed that Ox had been getting some stick from that section of the crowd while warming up.Oxlade-Chamberlain involved in row with Man Utd fans as smiling star told to ‘f*** off’ and has fist bump rejected It is not clear why the smiling Ox went over to the fans. The incident took place after the 1-1 draw between Man Utd and Liverpool at Old Trafford pic.twitter.com/x6b86Lx20t— Lilian Chan (@bestgug) October 20, 2019 About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

3 days agoEvra: Why Burnley winger Lennon one of the toughest opponents

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Evra: Why Burnley winger Lennon one of the toughest opponentsby Paul Vegas3 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United hero Patrice Evra admits Burnley winger Aaron Lennon was one of his toughest opponents.Evra clashed with Lennon when he was with Leeds United and Tottenham.He says the winger’s pace and style of play would sometimes cause him problems.”Lennon is the kind of player – if I wasn’t 100% fit – he would run behind me, and defenders hate when that happens.”He had this quick movement and it was also difficult to play against him.” last_img read more