Start the 4 elements, grassroots entrepreneurial success must! (down)

as the saying goes: "everyone firewood high flame", for a successful startups, Niubi entrepreneurial team is essential, a boss sword refers to employees, with a team of almost all team boss dream will laugh. How can such a team have it?

1 looking for partner

is a partner in the entire business process the most important part, I mentioned in the previous few startups because competitors and die, so what is the most common startup death? Is the co-founder of the business; I Dongsheng personal observation, one of the most common reason is the cash flow fracture. read more

The readme what is the experience of being an entrepreneur’s girlfriend

Abstract: on entrepreneurship, Ma has a "hard" two words summed up the whole process, he said "today’s Ali, Ali, Ali yesterday in the future, we are going to go this way, everyone must work so hard, because our future is hard up."

Author: Huang Aizhen


business is not easy, Men’s feelings are changeable., entrepreneurs feel deeper. Seemingly today’s Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, and other scenery infinite, little did they know that they have almost sold the painful experience of the enterprise in. read more

Tell you a true second tier cities entrepreneurial ecology and money come from

Abstract: in Beijing, a good story may be able to get a sum of money, and such things can not appear in the capital is not active in Wuxi. Investors on the second tier cities in the Internet business initiative of the general attitude: do not refuse, but not high, will go to the field investigation, discussion, but not the focus of investment.

titanium media note: people start this thing, in the north of Guangzhou and other second tier city basically is two days, north of Guangzhou near entrepreneurs "heaven", but relatively speaking, capital and talent problem is magnified in the second city. Titanium media reporter visited the field and a large number of interviews, we are trying to restore a real entrepreneur’s second tier cities: read more

A well-known VC investors Tucao really want to take a small water pumping whip entrepreneurs

Abstract: entrepreneurs, if you own money, can do poineering work like the old man as. The goal is ambitious, but also very clear: two mountains removed the door of my own. But the old man got thick, so he doesn’t have to take this thing out of financing can.

good hand itch, I really want to borrow "Indiana Jones" in Indiana Jones’s whip to beat those whimsical, opinionated, lazy to do, say, XinBiTianGao unsuspectingly Entrepreneurs… But… The first whip, or let me slap myself! "/p> read more

Mobile broadcast on the eve of reshuffle entrepreneurs how to blaze trail Broadcast ndustry Council

editor’s note: in 2016, Chinese Internet and venture capital industry experienced the so-called winter capital, a large number of entrepreneurial companies facing bankruptcy dilemma, investors have become cautious, and mobile broadcast was one of a few popular areas is still sought after.

to some extent, broadcast industry almost copy in group purchase and O2O of the event, hundreds of thousands of companies into the market in a short period of time, BAT, millet, 360, LETV and other big companies also have to follow suit. read more

Zhou Hongyi propaganda hardware Entrepreneurs forget the valuation not instant success

In July 16th

sponsored the "2016 geeks Park singularities · innovators summit, 360 company chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi share Pathfinder intelligent hardware business several years of experience, to share, Zhou Hongyi said, although there is no intelligent hardware to the breaking point, but in the right way. At the same time, Zhou Hongyi suggested to do intelligent hardware hit off: "forget the hustle and bustle of the capital, don’t be too utilitarian".

360 chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi read more

Cooking dinner Lei even cast three times to drop out of the home chef O2O

note: cook rice project takes the lead in innovation contest 50 projects. The contest by the first financial, Ningxia satellite TV to join hands with the Ant King service group, and joint tiger sniffing network, Sina venture, Youku and other media jointly organized entrepreneurial reality show. TV program in August 8th in the first financial channel, Ningxia TV will broadcast in synchronous premiere, then every weekend.

In addition

, with special tiger sniffing the top 50 projects have been launched, you can click here to enter the topic, watch the video and participate in the roadshow project introduction, comment. read more

Female menstruation chest to sag health network

Article 1: incorrect bra purchase and wear

a lot of MM said his chest small, constantly trying a lot of breast enhancement methods, but I found that a lot of small chest MM MIMI, a big reason is that they never pay attention to their underwear! MM to buy a lot of clothes would rather wander feet off, just buy a bra was not even have a try…… So I think MM accounts for the vast majority of the MM distribution.

actually, the right underwear is the first step in breast enhancement, if not this, everything is empty talk. read more

The seven habits of your breast health health network no longer

breast, in addition to a symbol of female breast milk since ancient times, but also a symbol of women’s charm and health. A woman who wants to be healthy, is inseparable from the health of the breast. With the accelerated pace of life, people’s lives more colorful, it also makes the female breast health is threatened from all sides, as usual, many women do not pay attention to develop healthy habits, to bring great pressure and breast harm. Next, let Xiaobian tell you, what kind of bad habits in the daily life of women will harm your breast health. read more

Harm of breast health killer health network

6 major killer of women’s breast health:

killer 1: Neon


Shangshen lace, nylon



with all kinds of chemical fiber Lycra nylon fabric, it looks stiff and many. But too much lace, nylon material contact with skin may cause skin sensitive, and may even have a small head off into the nipple, plugging holes or entangled lactiferous ducts, causing dysgalactia or mastitis. High fever, chills, local breast hardening, skin redness, tenderness and throbbing pain, sometimes the nipple may also discharge purulent fluid, are symptoms of mastitis. read more