The woman chest hidden in digital password health network

97% why a thin thin chest

do not blindly lose weight, if the light diet and do not pay attention to the maintenance of the chest, the reduction may be just chest fat. Breast contains 97% of the fat, accounting for 4%-5% of total body fat. So a just because of body fat enough, breast the best way is to give yourself a little fat. However, fat can not keep the chest tall and straight, too fat women’s breasts, although large but drooping, no beauty. If you want to shape, proper exercise chest muscle is the most simple recipe. read more

Four methods to teach the female breast massage health net

method 1

right hand with thumb fixed side, tiger’s mouth open, also left four fingers together for one side, massage from the periphery to the central arm along the right chest, to prevent the chest outside the expansion, a do 30. Left chest method.

method 2

hands hold the same shape, starting from the right chest. The left hand from the outside of the right chest to the central push, push to the center, while the right hand from the right chest below the left chest push up, to be pushed to the clavicle. That is to say, the hands push the right chest. Repeat 30 times, all the way up. Change the left chest. read more

Breast hyperplasia patients can eat chicken ‘s health network

net friend Suri: this year the company routine physical examination found that there is hyperplasia of mammary glands, the doctor asked a number of attention, one of which is not to eat chicken, mammary gland hyperplasia really can’t eat chicken? Breast hyperplasia patients in the diet should pay attention to what problems?

patients with breast hyperplasia diet should be light

patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands to try to eat light food, eat less fried barbecue food, drink soup, meat intake is not too much, especially not to eat chicken reared in captivity, whether chickens contain certain hormones, and whether it will cause endocrine disorders, it is not too clear. However, the choice of healthy meat is no doubt the premise of promoting health, and long-term eating more meat, leading to excessive intake of fat and protein, is one of the causes of breast disease. Therefore, it is more appropriate for patients with hyperplasia of mammary gland to control the intake of poultry food. read more

After the production of the breasts will sag ‘s health network

what kind of breast is called sagging?

first definition of breast ptosis. The lower edge of the breast and torso surface intersection called breast under the folds, under normal circumstances, especially young women, the nipple is the horizontal position in the breast under the folds above, if the fall is called breast ptosis. The more severe the droop, the lower the fall.

The breast appearance of

sag are generally three types: fusiform, triangle shaped breast sagging breast ptosis and horn shaped breast ptosis. read more

36 healthy chest solution airport health network

to the airport to describe the female figure, is an insult. Today girls will have to stand up to Qi Qijian "chest" big action, specially for you a recognized 38 kinds of breast Dafa, leisurely works.

(a) diet: fish can breast milk Vegetable & Fruit

1, papaya, fish, meat and milk rich in protein (protein food) food, can be healthy chest.

2, soybeans, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, sesame and millet seeds and nuts, is effective breast food, may wish to eat.

3, orange, grape (Vitis food), grapefruit and tomatoes and other foods containing vitamin C, can prevent deformation of the chest. read more

Winter diet Detox beauty health network eat what

if the pipeline of our body being influenced detoxification, toxins can not be discharged will remain in the body, leading to the accumulation of heat and toxic, is for the formation of acne on the skin. Below small make up and learn some winter diet Detox nourishing food, I hope you can help.

Detox beauty food

Papaya peanut soup can drink

autumn Detox beauty. Need raw materials have five hundred grams of papaya, a corn, fifty grams of peanuts, a raw fish and one hundred grams of lean pork, red dates, the amount of ginger. Papaya cut corner block. The fish oil fried until golden on both sides. Put all the ingredients into the pot, add water to boil with the fire pot, a small fire for sixty minutes, you can eat seasoning. read more

Wearing the wrong bra underwear care health network syndrome

Improper selection of

bra, improper wear, will cause considerable health problems. Sometimes, we will hear the friend said: "Oh, my shoulder hurts!" There will be a female friend back pain, chest tightness, dizziness, nausea, numbness in the upper limb, head and neck rotation, such as acupuncture and other phenomena. This is due to the long wearing ill fitting bras, muscle fatigue, blood circulation disorder and aging, "bra syndrome" so quietly find you.

keyword data: 8 into women do not know how to choose and wear bras read more

What are the methods of breast reduction recommend three ‘s health network

breast is too large, it is likely to have breast disease, breast tissue and breast hyperplasia caused by. If the breast is too large, it will not only affect the chest type, but also endanger the health of women, such as breast pain, breast inflammation, shoulder pain and other factors are not conducive to women’s health. Therefore, women with large breasts need to narrow the breasts. So, what are the methods of breast reduction


1, ring breast reduction surgery

ring breast reduction surgery is a common breast reduction surgery, the specific approach is to make an incision in the areola position, then the excess breast, breast tissue can be removed. The recovery period of this kind of operation method usually needs three months to six months, there will be no obvious scar after operation, and it will not affect lactation. read more

What are the women anemia tonic recommend five kinds of food health network

for many female friends, there will be symptoms of anemia. So, in the process of eating normally, must be appropriate to eat some of the blood and nourishing effect of food, so as to avoid a series of harm because of anemia and the emergence of. Many people do not know what women anemia tonic, but do not know how to live in the blood, then we will share together!

1, spinach

in life, spinach is a very common vegetable, a blood food is especially famous for. Spinach contains a lot of iron carotene. Therefore, the appropriate use of some spinach, can play a good role in blood. read more

Female long-term work is easy to make health network female breast ptosis

gynecological experts remind, like many women know that the chest can make female breast looks more beautiful, bra can help keep our chest curve, and inverted exercises can help female breast against gravity and age to droop. However, the inverted breast care method is difficult to do this, not all women can do, and in daily life, pay attention to some of the details you can always relax and sagging breasts fight.

[picture center] 5 step hand massage makes big chest small chest tight UPUP

5 step hand massage makes big chest small chest tight UPUP read more