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U.K. renewables topped fossil fuel electricity generation in third quarter

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Ars Technica:The third quarter of 2019 saw the UK’s renewable generation pass that of fossil fuels for the first time, according to an analysis by the climate and energy policy group CarbonBrief. The shift is driven by the completion of several enormous offshore windfarms and has been accompanied by a near-elimination of coal on the UK grid. And it comes only four years after the very first day in which renewables outpaced fossil fuels.CarbonBrief performs regular analyses of the UK electrical market based largely on government figures but also incorporating off-grid sources like combined heat and power facilities. In general, its results have been within 3% of the final quarterly figures for the last several years, but the numbers for 2019 are close enough that it remains possible that the first quarterly landmark will have to wait until 2020.That said, the organization estimates that renewables produced 29.5 TeraWatt-hours in July, August, and September, while fossil fuels only produced 29.1 TW-hr. The news for carbon emissions is even better, as the UK is well on its way toward its goal of eliminating coal-fired generation—almost all of the fossil fuel generation was in the form of natural gas, which has relatively low emissions. The report estimates that less than 1% of the UK’s electricity came from coal during the quarter.Coal was planned to be eliminated from the UK grid by 2025, but the implementation of a carbon tax has hastened its decline. As a result, the UK now regularly goes weeks without using any coal. Nuclear provided nearly 19% of the UK’s electricity; if nuclear and renewables are lumped together as carbon-free generation, the UK is on track to have fossil fuels fall to under half its generation for the entire year, as had been predicted by its National Grid.Among the renewables, solar provided 6% of the power during the quarter, while biomass accounted for double that. Wind provided the biggest contribution at 20%, and CarbonBrief ascribes this in part to the opening of new offshore windfarms. Earlier this year, a 600MW farm opened, and this month has seen the completion of Hornsea One, a monstrous 1.2GW offshore farm. Those join 2.1GW completed during 2018. The report also notes that contracts are already in place that would more than double the UK’s 8.5GW of offshore wind over the next five years.More: UK renewables out-generate fossil fuels for an entire quarter U.K. renewables topped fossil fuel electricity generation in third quarterlast_img read more

Salvadoran Special Forces and US Military Practice Air Insertions

first_imgBy Lorena Baires/Diálogo May 09, 2019 Units of Joint Task Force Bravo (JTF-Bravo) and the U.S. Army led an air instruction program for the Salvadoran Armed Force’s (FAES, in Spanish) Special Forces Command (CFE, in Spanish). During the March 4-7, 2019 training at Ilopango Lake, San Salvador department, service members from both countries conducted descent and fast-rope extraction and insertion operations from helicopters. “The goal of the training is to promote interoperability between the two nations and show the commitment to support the Salvadoran fight against transnational criminal organizations,” said U.S. Army Captain Peter Schlatter, assistant operations officer for JTF-Bravo’s 1st Battalion, 228th Aviation Regiment. “This training will increase Salvadorans’ comfort, as they operate helicopters.” CFE is an elite unit consisting of the Parachute Battalion, the Special Operations Group, and the Special Counter-terrorist Command. “With this training, 35 [Salvadoran] swimmers, divers, and paratroopers learned new amphibious capabilities and skills,” said Salvadoran Army Colonel Jorge Miranda, CFE commander. “Now they are prepared to join operations against narcotrafficking and perform rescue missions in case of disasters or emergencies.” Improved capabilities The training was the hands-on part of a comprehensive training course that started in December 2018 with theoretical courses. “The air training was the high point of the six-month instruction programs for special forces,” said U.S. Army Captain Bruno Lucivero, commander of the U.S. Army 7th Special Forces Group. “CFE is now capable of conducting this kind of training on its own with its rotating platforms and using them in real missions.” Participants planned the exercises at FAS 1st Air Brigade headquarters, and then traveled to Ilopango Lake. U.S. service members led multiple training events focused on air insertion and other techniques, including parachuting and rappel from UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. “Soldiers took part in security training in and around the helicopter, including ‘cold-load’ training, where soldiers practice boarding and leaving the aircraft while it’s stationed on the ground,” Capt. Schlatter said. “Then we conducted different insertion training exercises that enable them to use aircraft assets as a mission requires.” Insertion techniques CFE personnel received training in three special techniques. First, service members deployed with static-line parachutes from the back of a helicopter. For the second technique, known as helocast, participants jumped into the water from a helicopter that flew slowly at low altitude. For the third, known as Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System or FRIES, service members deployed by descending with a rope tied to the back of the helicopter. These procedures will enable the Salvadoran special forces to improve operational readiness during support tasks for the Cuscatlán Joint Group, an interagency team whose mission is to counter drug smuggling. “When the naval force chases a suspicious vessel and observes that it’s carrying illegal goods, our unit collaborates in the interdiction with amphibious assault or sniper teams,” said Col. Miranda. “This training has multiple purposes, because it also enables us to help in case of floods or earthquakes in hard-to-reach areas, or where people are trapped.” The trained personnel seemed satisfied with the knowledge they gained, as they require daily new and improved capabilities to disrupt narcotrafficking networks that use Central America in route to the United States. “The training is valuable, because it focused on main threats we have in the region,” said FAES Army First Lieutenant Rafael Pineda, a CFE member. “We are going to pass this knowledge along to other members of the command to increase the group’s amphibious capabilities.” In addition to training Salvadoran service members, the program enabled U.S. air crews to increase experience and preparation. “All these tasks require a certification, which means that a pilot instructor has to close the session after doing several interactions,” Capt. Schlatter said. “While we were training the Salvadorans, we received a lot of training as well.” CFE members thanked JTF-Bravo and the U.S. Army 7th Special Forces Group for their professionalism, dedication, and ongoing help to the region. “While we were training and learning, we strengthened interoperability between the two nations,” Lt. Pineda concluded.last_img read more

Iron Man’s idea of a debit card: One with remote controls

first_imgWhen Tony Stark (billionaire, genius inventor, Iron Man*) needs to know something, he speaks his commands to J.A.R.V.I.S. who provides him with immediate access to the information he needs. If he suspected that HYDRA had tampered with his investment portfolio, you can bet he wouldn’t be found calling the customer service 800 number to put a freeze on his account. Wouldn’t it be nice if your credit union members had the ability to turn off their debit and credit cards and shut down access to their accounts by speaking commands to a J.A.R.V.I.S. of their own?  What about having this ability when the reality of fraud presents itself, not in a super villain environment, but in the form of an everyday hacker or thief? Or worse… a teenager!While many debit and credit card companies and processors employ sophisticated back-end fraud detection systems, what about a technology that would put fraud prevention into the hands of your credit union members?Today, services like Uber and Lyft allow people to request a car and driver through their smartphone with the tap of a finger, so why should anyone have to sit on the phone to turn off a stolen debit or credit card? Not quite J.A.R.V.I.S., but Siri is getting close.Mobile remote control apps have been around a few years.  However, remote controls for debit and credit cards do not need to require the use of an app that is separate from your credit union’s mobile banking app. In fact, integrated mobile card management services for credit unions are already available from core providers.Embedding Remote Control Debit and Credit Cards into credit union core technology is precisely what Joe Foster, CEO of Hallco Community Credit Union in Gainesville, GA, has done.  “Today, with FLEX as our credit union technology partner, our members have mobile remote control for their debit and credit cards. This provides my members with the ability to stop fraud and enjoy peace of mind when using their Hallco Community CU debit and credit cards.” said Foster.   (Download the full case study here).Members of Hallco Community Credit Union have the ability to turn their card “off” with the tap of a finger.  This is a great option if members fear fraudulent activity, or if they are leaving the country for an extended period of time and will not need to use their card. Or if their college student teen has been using their “emergency card” for too many trips to Starbucks. If the card is turned “off,” members would then have the option to turn the card back “on” or to request a card reissue.This mobile remote control system interacts directly with Hallco Community Credit Union’s core processing system in real-time, allowing not only members but also member service reps the ability to view status reports and card management on the back-end.  Foster continues: “With the combination of enhanced eAlerts and mobile apps, our members are able to use mobile remote controls to stop fraud.”Allow your credit union members to be the superhero they always knew they could be.  With the right credit union core technology, you can put the power of J.A.R.V.I.S. to work for your debit and credit card programs.Want advanced card management from within the core? Download our eGuide for more information.*Iron Man is a licensed character of Marvel Worldwide, Inc. 18SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Preston Packer Preston Packer is the Director of Sales & Marketing for FLEX. Preston has been with FLEX since 2000 and has worked in various sales management roles over that time. Preston’… Web: www.flexcutech.com Detailslast_img read more

New York State conducts COVID-19 antibody testing to determine percentage of population immune to virus

first_imgOne of the twenty testing locations is right in the Southern Tier at the Johnson City Wegmans. Wegmans has told 12 News the state has completed more than 100 fingerstick tests at the location. “We really want it to be representative. Each of the sites we’re working with make sure there’s only a small line, they’re all appropriately social distanced so we don’t introduce anymore problems,” said Hutton. “We can use those tests to determine what percentage of the population in New York State were truly infected with the SARS-CoV2 virus. Maybe they didn’t even know it because maybe they didn’t have symptoms at the time,” said New York State Office of Public Health Deputy Commissioner Brad Hutton. Health officials say it takes about two days to receive test results. “What we don’t know yet, is whether or not that indicates you’ll have complete immunity against future infections. We don’t know what the risk of re-infection is until we go weeks and months further into the epidemic,” said Hutton. The NYS Department of Health says they have a goal to test 3,000 people out of a population of 19.5 million. After determining the percentage of those population now immune to the virus, officials say it will provide a clearer picture to the reopening process. (WBNG) — Antibody tests are the latest initiative to determine how many New York residents have actually been infected with the virus. last_img read more

Officiating at track meet was horrible

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionThe officiating at the Feb. 11 Section II Division I Championship at UAlbany was the worst I’ve seen in 2-1/2 years, and I’ve been to most matches.On the first turn, seven seconds into the 4 X 400M relay in Section 1, the Bethlehem runner was tackled from behind and the race wasn’t stopped. That same runner, now bruised and stunned, shouldn’t have to pick up the baton and finish the race.The official, who was supposed to be watching in turn one had his back to the race. When this was pointed out to the officials, who took about 20 minutes looking up the rules, they refused to acknowledge what they were being told by coaches and others.When officials are asleep, the kids who work hard to compete fairly suffer — not the inept officials.Bill CerveraBallston LakeMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesPolice: Schenectady woman tried to take car in Clifton Park hours after arrest, release in prior the…Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristslast_img read more

India’s new COVID cases top global tally for 18th straight day

first_imgIndia reported on Tuesday the highest number of new coronavirus cases globally for the 18th straight day, remaining well ahead of the United States and Brazil, a Reuters tally based on official reporting showed.It took India from the end of January, when the country’s first case was reported, until July to reach around 1.6 million cases, a period when the government imposed a strict lockdown.However, infections have rocketed by another 1.5 million since the start of August, taking the total to around 3.1 million, behind only Brazil and the United States. The rate of new cases in India is increasing rapidly, climbing by 60,975 in the latest 24-hour period, according to the federal health ministry.”If we cross the absolute numbers [in Brazil and the United States], I won’t be surprised, but we also have a larger population,” Giridhar Babu, epidemiologist at the non-profit Public Health Foundation of India, told Reuters.But deaths have remained comparatively low – at 58,390, or 1.84 % of total cases – lower than the global mortality percentage of 3.4%India reported its first COVID-19 fatality in mid-March, with the death toll rising to around 35,700 by the end of July. In August so far, around 22,600 deaths have been recorded. Deaths are considered a lagging indicator, given the two-week incubation period of the disease.Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has said it is reassured by the high recovery rate – around 75% of the total 3.1 million cases are no longer infected, according to data from the federal health ministry.Amid the race to develop a vaccine, the ministry said India was in conversation with Russia regarding Sputnik-V, its experimental COVID-19 vaccine.Topics :last_img read more

Saipem expands fleet with ‘Lewek Constellation’ buy

first_imgItalian offshore contractor Saipem has entered into an agreement to acquire the ultra-deepwater pipelay and construction vessel Lewek Constellation.Saipem said on Thursday that the 2013-built Lewek Constellation was ready to be promoted for commercial opportunities.The Constellation will be marketed in all geographic areas including the Gulf of Mexico, the North and Norwegian Seas where, according to Saipem, the vessel characteristics make it suitable to pursue the subsea tie-back initiatives predominant in those areas.Stefano Cao, Saipem CEO, said: “The Constellation is the latest addition to Saipem world-class fleet that will integrate our offering with reeling capabilities in order to safely and competitively respond to the needs of the subsea tie-back market.“Indeed, in the current economic scenario, the subsea tie-back developments are becoming increasingly important as they maximize the utilization of the existing infrastructures at reasonable expenditures. The acquisition of the Constellation bridges this gap, expanding the set of future opportunities.”Saipem added that the Constellation would be acquired for $275 million through the partial utilization of available liquidity.“Considering the time to finalize commercial endeavors on this expanded business segment, revenues and EBITDA adjusted 2018 guidance will remain unchanged,” the company said.The Constellation, bought from Emas Chiyoda Subsea, is currently located in the Gulf of Mexico, near Galveston, USA.To recall, Emas Chiyoda Subsea, a joint venture between Ezra Holdings Limited and the Chiyoda Corporation, filed a petition for bankruptcy protection at a U.S. court in late February 2017last_img read more

Damen Yichang Cuts 1st Steel for Eesti Gas’ Short-Sea LNG Bunker Ship

first_imgOn March 18, Damen Yichang Shipyard in China held a steel cutting ceremony for the first of a planned series of short-sea LNG bunker vessels to be built for Estonian energy company Eesti Gaas.The 6,000 cbm vessel, ordered a couple of months ago, and its future sister-ships are intended to accelerate the wider adoption of LNG as a cleaner alternative fuel in the north-eastern region of the Baltic Sea by providing a mobile ship-to-ship distribution service for the first time.At the ceremony the first sections of the 100-meter, LGC 6000 LNG class vessel were cut from 8mm steel plate and will eventually be part of the wall separating the ship’s engine room from the tank hold. Assembly will start in May with the installation of the LNG tanks scheduled for November, according to Damen.Following sea trials, the ship will arrive in Estonia next summer and will start serving LNG clients in the autumn. The new vessel will be capable of carrying out bunker activities at designated locations both in and outside ports.The LGC 6000 LNG is designed to meet the requirements of ICE class 1A certification, allowing it to operate all year in the Gulf of Finland and the northern Baltic. It will also have a green ship notation. A dual-fuel propulsion system will be used for the management of the Boil-Off Gas (BOG) in combination with a gas burner, and the interior of the vessel will feature high-quality accommodation for her crew.Eesti Gaas will operate the vessel under a long-term charter from its parent company Infortar AS. Eesti Gaas is also the LNG supplier for Tallink Grupp’s LNG RoPax vessel Megastar.“The start of steel cutting for this brand-new vessel for Infortar marks an important milestone in the start of her construction. We are very grateful to Eesti Gaas and Infortar for choosing Damen to build their new LNG bunkering vessel,” Peter Anssems, Sales Manager, Sales East and South-East Europe, Damen Shipyards Group, commented.“With this high-tech joint venture, Eesti Gaas and our launch client ferry-operator Tallink will ascend to having the title of the LNG companies with the most competence and experience in this region,” Kalev Reiljan, a member of the management board of Eesti Gaas, said.“Eesti Gaas has performed over 1,500 port-based LNG truck-to-ship refuellings of Tallink’s LNG-powered Megastar ferry and now we are moving on toward offshore, more mobile solutions,” Reiljan added.This project is co-funded by the EU through the CEF Transport program.last_img read more

Incoming Prime Minister Bill English U-turns on gay marriage

first_imgNZ Herald 12 December 2016Family First Comment: Wow! How quickly they flip-flop. Even Donald Trump didn’t capitulate like this. “Just seeing the impact it has had for couples and the fact that it doesn’t erode marriage. In some ways, it’s an affirmation of the concept.” – Bill English.No Bill. It hasn’t affirmed it. It’s confused and denied the obvious cultural and natural character of marriage and the subsequent creation and care of children.www.protectmarriage.org.nz #marriageonemanonewomanNew Prime Minister Bill English has revealed he would vote in favour of same-sex marriage if another vote was held, saying he has witnessed the positive impact it has had on gay couples in New Zealand.English, in his first press conference after being selected as National Party leader, also said he would not use his Prime Ministerial position to push through or lobby for socially conservative changes in New Zealand.He was chosen as the party’s new leader after a short caucus meeting this morning, and was sworn in as Prime Minister at Government House this afternoon.Speaking to reporters after the caucus meeting, English told reporters he was an “active Catholic and proud of it”. But while his Catholic faith was an important influence, it did not define him, he said.He said his opposition to euthanasia and abortion remained the same. But his position on gay marriage had changed.“I’d probably vote differently now on the gay marriage issue. I don’t think that gay marriage is a threat to anyone else’s marriage.”English voted against the legalisation of same-sex marriage in New Zealand in 2012. It passed into comfortably with the support of two-thirds of MPs.Asked what had changed his view, English said: “Just seeing the impact it has had for couples and the fact that it doesn’t erode marriage.“In some ways, it’s an affirmation of the concept.”But again, I don’t intend to use the position to try and influence those issues. They’ve been dealt with by the Parliament and by the processes of law and I accept that.”READ MORE: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11765250Keep up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

William “Bill” R. Grimes

first_imgWilliam “Bill” Grimes age 75 of Harrison, Ohio passed away peacefully Friday, November 16, 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Born February 11, 1943 in Clay County, Kentucky the son of Franklin and Pauline (Sparks) Grimes.Bill married Debby Plymale September 24, 2003 in Covington, Kentucky, graduated from Whitewater high school in 1961 and worked as a car salesman for many years.Bill is survived by his wife Debby Grimes of Harrison, Ohio, sister Jean Russell of West Harrison, Indiana and brother Jeffrey Grimes of Harrison, Ohio. Bill is also survived by many loving nieces and nephews.Preceded in death by his parents Franklin and Pauline Grimes and brothers Richard and Joseph Grimes.Services will be private at convenience of the family.Memorials may be directed to Hospice of Cincinnati c/o Jackman Hensley Funeral Home 215 Broadway Street Harrison, Ohio 45030.last_img read more